The Nairobi International Education Fair

The Nairobi International Education Fair (NIEF) is the largest and longest running Education Fair held in the East and Central Africa region. Since its inception in 1999 (16 years ago), NIEF has built a strong brand identity and established itself as Kenya’s leading and most result-oriented Education exhibition. Held in high regard by participating institutions and visiting students alike, the Fair has evolved into a crucial first step for students keen to further their Education in Kenya and abroad.

A sizeable proportion of Kenya’s population comprises of young people aged between 18 and 24. These College and University-bound students are focused, ambitious and eager to climb the ladder to success. These students together with their parents plan early in life for their higher education and are committed to earn their degrees from the best institutions.

The Exhibitors include respected institutions of higher education from Kenya, America, Canada, Denmark, European Union, Australia, Japan, India, Germany, Malaysia, Mauritius, New Zealand, Russia, Switzerland, UK, and UAE.

Regional Education Fairs:

Following the recent introduction of a new governance structure in Kenya which created County governments with huge business opportunities and due to demand from our NIEF participants, we have already started rolling out Regional Education Fairs in various parts of the country to capture these new business opportunities.

The many new offices, development and business activities which have been created in the National and County governments’ structures as well as the enhanced distribution of resources and wealth across the country will now enable many parents and guardians to sponsor their children for college education.

Initially these Fairs will be conducted at regional level bringing together several counties. We have already organised successfully the first such fair at the Coast in Mombasa which has been accepted and endorsed by the County Government of Mombasa.

In our 2015 Calendar, we will stage four Regional fairs, besides Nairobi.  And to make it convenient for participants, especially international exhibitors, the fairs will run back-to-back in the month of March 2015 as shown below:

2015 Fairs Calendar:

Region Town Date
Nairobi Nairobi 12th – 15th March, 2015
Coast Mombasa 18th – 19th March, 2015
Mt. Kenya Embu 23rd – 24th March, 2015
Western Kenya Kisumu 30th – 31st March, 2015
North Rift Eldoret 2nd – 3rd April, 2015


Reasons why you should exhibit in these fairs:

Our Fairs are Cost-Effective
Many students may not afford to travel to each institution they are interested in and education fairs give them one forum to sample all information they require. Websites may give an overview of the institution but a one–on-one chat with the prospective student will be more productive. You have a chance to meet with students and influencers face-to-face and introduce them to your campus, courses and other offerings.

On-spot Admission & Database for Students

Our fairs provide opportunities for on-spot admission, and will improve your database of potential applicants, generate enquiries and leads for later contacts.

Conduct Market Research
The fairs will help you to stay up-to-date on trends and developments in the Education sector and give you an understanding of the changing needs of the students.

The Fairs coincide with the release of form four results by Kenya National      Examinations Council (KNEC) and thus gives you a perfect opportunity to showcase what your institution offers at the ideal time.  We are also now working with best schools countrywide to bring their students and expose them to the myriad of higher education choices being represented at the fairs.

Brand building medium – position your institution among other institutions showcasing your strengths and uniqueness.

Connect face-to-face with serious prospective students and supportive parents.

After the fair, a data base of the students who will have visited the fair.

Website presence on the official website

To increase your student recruitment, grow your brand, and keep up with the trends, consider participating at the Nairobi International Education Fair and the Regional Education Fairs. Education fairs are an invaluable investment in the future of your institution.

How you can participate:

Exhibition stand

Print advertising

Web advertising


Information for Students

The fairs provide opportunities for face-to-face discussion with university representatives who have a wealth of knowledge on the courses you are interested in.They offer a good opportunity for school leavers, students and parents to meet and interact with admission officers and international office staff from accredited institutions.

Why students should attend:

Opportunity to meet finest local and international institutions all under one roof saving time and cost.

Face to face interaction with authorities of these institutions.

Seek admission guidance and counseling.

Collect brochures, prospectus and admission forms.

Get information on institution infrastructure, facilities, fees etc.

Get authentic information on various courses and programs at different levels.

Opportunity to learn, understand, compare and evaluate various educational institutions represented at the fair.

Seek on-spot admissions

Get to know about the Global education trends and latest developments.

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