Decades After Independence: Africa Still Far From Development


The Mayor of Antwerp, Bart De Wever and the writer Joel Savage

There are many questions which need an answer. Did African leaders prematurely fought for independence? What is keeping Africa to move forward when it has such enormous mineral resources? As a matter of fact, we don’t need to continue blaming the colonial masters any longer of looting and under developing Africa, because fifty years after independences throughout Africa, many African countries are exactly the same as when the colonial masters left.

Africa is stagnant and not moving forward economically and infrastructural. When one travels around Africa, you may see things which can emotionally, physically or spiritually break you down. Poor health facilities, drainage systems and educational facilities have affected the continent badly, giving rise to crime and unemployment. Politics stink in Africa. Everyone wants to be a leader but corruption prevails, instead of action.

Malaria is the number one killer in Africa. It kills a child every 30 seconds. This signifies that about 2,880 children die every 24 hours. It attacks both children, adults and doesn’t spare pregnant women. Only few recover from malaria after attack and after recovery it takes several weeks to get your strength back, that is if you have the appetite to eat.

There are many causes of malaria including poor drainage system, poverty, poor dwelling and due to hot temperatures, the tropical climate. Mosquitoes quickly lay their eggs in stagnant stinky waters and choked gutter, slowly and painfully taking its victims to their early graves with the malaria parasite, yet improvement of drainage in Africa, especially West Africa, to reduce malaria hasn’t been a priority to many African leaders. West Africa is full of choked stagnant stinky gutters, giving birth to many diseases including malaria.

Many African leaders complain of lack of money in the state coffers, yet their personal accounts in foreign countries, including Switzerland, can feed  a whole nation. Large tons of Cocoa, copper, , timber etc, leave the shores of Africa to foreign countries, but no one knows where the money goes. For example, Sierra Leone has the best natural diamond deposits, which could enhanced and develop the country to rub shoulders with any modern European country, yet it remains one of the poorest countries in the world. Why should we be thirsty in the abundance of water?

Poverty has weakened Africa’s economic and health infrastructures in a way that, whenever there is epidemic, such as the outbreak of Ebola, they have to depend on the West and America for help, the same people that plagued Africa with Aids, Ebola and other diseases. What a shame? The reason Africa’s problems never come to an end, because we open hands to people who had hurt us and continue hurting us, because of corruption, while Advanced Countries make money out of Africa’s woes and misery.

African leaders need education from Chinese leaders.

African leaders should always remember China, what it was decades ago and what it is now. Years ago, I read a book called ‘An African Student in China, who sent a new pressing iron he bought from a Chinese shop, to the shop many times for repairs, any time the iron breaks down. Today, Chinese products, including electronics are affordable and last longer. African leaders should emulate China. They should send their students to study in China to improve Africa. “No one drinks medicine on behalf of a sick person. It’s our responsibility to heal and develop Africa and stop depending on the West and America for ‘miraculous solutions.’

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