Expat Care launches free online version

Expat Care has announced that it shall provide free online versions of its patented technologies to make them easily accessible.

Patrick Kwete, the 22 year old Expat Inc founder, said the firm will start offering the personalised medical treatment provision software for free online to ensure more people have access.

Expat Inc holds the patent for the personalized medical treatment provision software and has applications in the field of machine learning and intelligent systems. It’s flagship product is a collective learning expert system for healthcare called Expat Care.

“To ensure the benefits of our technologies and data are in reach of all, we have began making simple and intuitive consumer friendly versions of our solutions,” he said.

Kwete explained the firm is starting an open beta allowing health professionals and individuals to search through its knowledge base of observed conditions, symptoms and the frequency in which they are correlated.

The service leverages Expat Inc’s IP to be functional in multiple languages but still allow seamless machine learning  irrespective of the language of use.

It is currently available in the 10 most spoken languages in the world including Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Russian, Hindi, Malay, Portuguese, Arabic and Bengali. The company plans to release support for more languages.

Partly inspired by Elon Musk’s move to free up Tesla’s patents for open use, though the startup is not relinquishing its patent rights, it says the free use of its algorithms and accumulated data in the free versions is more pivotal.

“This enables the exchange and access of medical experience across the world. It is a step in tearing down all geographic, language, time or financial barriers to quality health information,” he noted.


Expat Care now comes for Free

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