To-do-Lists – how to automatically manage them to build brand capital and customer satisfaction

There is a well-known adage, that says: ‘if you want to get something done, give it to someone who is already busy’. Busy people find smarter ways to do things, quicker and often more effectively.  But not everyone can multi-task or remember everything that needs to be done, which often causes stress and therefore less effective output.

An example of the need to manage multiple requests, track and then follow-up on queries, is the customer service department.  As one of the key business trends set to shape 2015, and an example of where hundreds if not thousands of requests are processed every day/month, smart technology can be a lifesaver.  Task Express, developed by Cape based Khanyisa Real Systems (KRS), has been effective in streamlining multiple tasks, routing them to the correct person and as a result, increasing the response time, helping organisations create satisfied and happy customers in the process.

“With more and more companies automating the contact page on their websites, we felt there was a need to construct a simple but sophisticated programme that could manage query flow and route these immediately to specific mailboxes” commented Brent Blake, Project Director at KRS.    In being able to respond quickly to a customer, without the need for that customer to go through several referrals before getting to the right person, organisations using Task Express or others like it, have noted improved customer confidence and an overall boost in company reputation.  Let’s face it in the information age where opinions spread like digital wildfire, it can only be highly advantageous to be on the same page at the same time as your customers and opinion formers.

Reminding us to be on the same page

But more than just assisting in building brand capital, Task Express increases employee productivity, improves communication between all parties and can even assist in reducing stress.  By anticipating and forward planning the tasks that need to be done and not having to worry about forgetting what needs to be accomplished, everyone can rest easy.

The list builder and task scheduler are easy to use and eminently scalable – from the individual ‘coffice’ worker (coffee shop office) to large companies (with multiple branches) handling large volumes of management tasks.  Far more than a task tick box, listing programme, Task Express allows users to collaborate online (via the website) – allowing managers to see in realtime, what employees are doing and literally ‘be on the same page’.  Assumption and work overload are reduced.  The system can also be accessed from anywhere, making it an indispensable tool for office workers and those on the go, for managing workflow, sharing information and more importantly (for most of us), sending reminders.

Task Express is therefore ideal for managing agents; engineers; gyms; public relations and marketing companies.  In fact, any organisation that has support issues and runs multiple accounts or projects or who require taking their work to task.

About Khanyisa Real Systems

Khanyisa Real Systems (KRS) is a Microsoft Partner software development company that has the agility to create bespoke systems that support businesses in their quest to grow and serve their customers and employees, more effectively and efficiently.  KRS has over 25 years’ experience, a proven track record and staff, whose skills are up to date and often leading in the competitive development world.

The company is headquartered in Cape Town, with over 50 IT professionals from Scrum Masters and Business Analysts to Web, Mobile and Desktop Developers.  Honesty, integrity and respect, with a firm commitment to innovation, openness and delivery describe this company that has a ‘can do’ attitude.  Ensuring that this lives on in future IT professionals, KRS’s industry regarded internship programme, generates highly sought after graduates who are placed in corporates across South Africa, or retained within the organisation itself.

Source: Khanyisa Real Systems




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