Officials and medical practitioners from the public and private sectors, institutions and foundations from scores of countries will meet at the “2nd Istanbul Medical, Health, Geriatrics, Thermal, Spa & Wellness Tourism Fair and Congress” in Istanbul September 3-5, 2015.

The trade fair and congress will gather at Istanbul Congress Center (ICC) and serve as a key international platform for medical and health tourism professionals and suppliers. Important organizations as ‘Europe Business Assembly’, ‘European Union of Private Hospitals’, and breast care institute ‘Senatürk’ will be taking part. Dr. Bahadır Güllüoğlu, a professor and specialist in breast cancer surgery at Marmara University Medical School, and Dr. Yaman Tokat, a professor of organ transplant and general surgery and program director at Florence Nightingale Şişli and Gayrettepe Hospitals in Istanbul, together with other leaders in their fields, will be at the trade fair and congress.

Conferences and seminars will be held simultaneously at the fair, providing direct negotiations and communication opportunities with new and potential clients and suppliers in the field of health tourism, and interviews with industry professionals.

The health tourism sector is growing 6% to 12% annually worldwide. Turkey, one of the most important countries in this sector, has hospitals using state-of-the-art technologies and well-trained doctors and health professionals. The costs of medical treatment in Turkey are reasonable compared to western European countries, the U.S. and other developed countries, providing price advantages to patients and medical insurers.

In particular, organ transplantation, bone marrow transplant and cancer treatment, plastic and aesthetic surgery, hair transplant, eye surgery, test tube fertilization, open heart surgery stand out in Turkey. The nation is also strong and cost effective in the treatment for skin diseases, medical check-ups, nose, mouth and throat surgery, dialysis, cardiovascular surgery, gynecologic treatment, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery and treatment, dental treatment and surgery, spa, physical therapy and rehabilitation services.

The same development and progress has taken place in Turkey in the fields of thermal spas, offering the foreign elderly and disabled opportunities for treatment. The country offers the elderly and the disabled highly developed thermal baths with modern infrastructure and facilities with healing powers.

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