Interview with Johnson Okorie, CEO of KorieFusion (Nigeria)

We are talking about the problems of Internet marketing in Nigeria, the use of social networks in business, the impact of Internet technology on people’s lives and future prospects.

Johnson Okorie is a serial entrepreneur, Founder, Blogger, Brand Evangelist, Podcast Host. He is also the CEO of KorieFusion a Digital marketing agency that uses digital marketing to help businesses make more money and evoke their brand’s visibility. He is one of the best Digital marketing consultant on the continent of Africa. He helped a Peak Coach to generate over $1,000,000 in revenue in 12 months.

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KorieFusion is a leading digital Marketing Agency in Africa that unlocks the gateway to the floodgate of consistent profitable traffic that boost brand’s visibility and triple or even quadruple business revenue. KorieFusion makes businesses more money using digital marketing strategies.


How is Internet Marketing developing in Nigeria?

Internet Marketing or Digital Marketing is developing very fast in Nigeria. It is widely accepted. You see brand attending to their client’s complaints on twitter. We must give this to the Banking and Telecoms sector. This guys have seriously embraced  Digital marketing  and the emergence of strong eCommerce shop has also helped the growth of digital marketing in Nigeria. Currently, Nigerians are getting set for the polls and politicians are embracing social media and doing all forms off digital marketing to project their brand. For me, i have had many political office seekers approach me for this service. However, i still think digital marketing is hugely under used in Nigeria and most of the brands online are making some unpardonable mistakes. I call it unpardonable because it could have been avoided but like in every professional, we always have the ‘so call expert’.


What kind of problems exists in this niche?

One of the major problem is the fact that there are too many quack in the professional. Most people cannot even differentiate between the real professionals and the  ‘social media buff professionals’ who did not go through any form of training other than they use social media. This has cost most businesses and brands to loss money and even made them skeptical of the ROI on social media marketing. That’s why i am often not happy when some people ask me if truly there is ROI on digital marketing, i have done too many research to prove this and all my clients get ROI on every penny spent on Digital Marketing.


What are the perspectives?

I think the prospective is very bright, digital marketing is still new in Nigeria. Nigerians will still become very good using it. There are some of us who are good in Digital marketing, we will keep talking to people who we feel are doing it wrong, we will mentor and ensure they also become professionals.

The future is very bright, i must say.


What are the most popular social media networks in Nigeria?

Most popular social media network? I have a problem with this question really. Too many mistakes are made with social media networks in Nigeria. It seems people don’t even know where to target their prospect. Where a B2B and B2C get their prospect is different, however sometimes, it may overlap. Generally, Twitter, Facebook is extremely popular but Google+ is less popular.


In what way can they be used in business?

I did an article 10 Case studies to prove ROI on digital marketing for those still doubting ROI on digital marketing, people have to be sure of what they want to do before they can do it. Some Nigerians can be very skeptical. However, B2B and B2C can use both twitter to grow their businesses but i will encourage them to hire an agency. There are best and odds times to be on twitter. You don’t want to make a tweet when your audience are not online, you don’t also want to  send a tweet without Hash-tags, you don’t also want to use hashtags without researching the best ones to use, you don’t also want to send a tweet without a picture and many more.


Why firms do need to use social media networks?

Firms should embrace social media marketing or digital marketing because it has a better ROI than other forms of marketing. You can measure everything, you know what is working and what is not working. I did an article titled Marketing with best ROI: Traditional Media Marketing VS Digital Media Marketing Social media is huge and less expansive with good ROI than TV and other forms. You can do A/B testing on social media ,eliminate whats not working and stick with what is working.


How Internet technology affects people’s life changing in Nigeria?

Internet Technology is affective lives positively in Nigeria. Political events go viral with the speed of light, brands campaigns also go viral. However, many Nigerians are still slow in accepting SaaS (software as a service). SaaS will grow in the latter future even though it is poor now. The internet has however made many people multi millionaire in this country. I wonder what my life would have looked like without internet technologies. I also have a lot of people i mentor, hundreds of them and their lives have also changed, brands have made more money than ever. I was able to help a brand make over a million dollar with internet technology, what could have happened to  such a brand without this tools? Some of my mentees drive exotic cars, thanks to the internet. I am just talking about myself now, i know several other people who the internet have been extremely successful.


What’s your future forecast?

The future is very bright, although it will become more competitive. I do know for sure that the sector will keep evolving. I will plead with businesses and brands to always reach out to professional who will also help them in their campaigns and avoid losing money or visibility. Most agencies can provide service to people globally.



by Johnson Okorie

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