Use This Free Tools To Launch Your Business in 24 Hours

Have you been worried about the high cost of starting a business?

I will be sharing free resources that will help you kick start your business in the next 24 hours if truly you are serious about launching your business.

You see, technology had made all this things easy for all of us but most people do not know what technology can do to their business.  As a Digital Marketing Consultant, i have been asked this question alot of times.

Tool # 1:  TheNameApp.

You can start a business without a name for it especially if you are going to get it online. However, getting a good name is also very important to the success of your business. Research has shown that names with less than ten letters performs best because people are more likely to member them.

Facebook,Twitter, Apple,Google, how does it sound? This tool will help you get a name that you will love for your business online.

Tool #2: Html5up

You need a website to run your business since you have gotten a name with the app above but you don’t just need a website, you need a dynamic responsible mobile friendly website, right? This free tool will help you get it. You will find free template you can use to have your website running

Tool #3: Mailchip

You don’t want to play with email marketing, you need to build relationship with your audience that will help you stay on their mind. This tool will help you do that. You can have up to 12,000 emails here.

Tool #4:  Squarespace Logo

You don’t want to play with logo, would you? Good creative logo speaks for your brand, this tool will help you create a great logo.

Tool #5:

If you are like me who travels around the world alot, you will want to store all your videos, files, audios and other stuff on the cloud. This tool will help you handle all that. You can work from any where. I love this tool.

Tool #6:

I hate creating logos, it is hard and time consuming but yet i also need the money so i can run my business very well, what do i do? This tool will help you solve all those qualms.  In less than 5 minutes, you will be able to generate an immediate invoice.

Tool #7: Canva

You will need to be able to have some good images for your business, this tool will help you do that instantly without spending a cent.

Tool #8: Insightly

You will need a CRM for your business so you, your partners and anyone you like can work with you. This tool will help you make it happened in no time.

Conclusively, whatever tool you use, weather free or paid, you will need to activate your mind if you want your business to succeed. These tools will not and cannot replace the place of your mind. Your business needs one thing above all else. It needs you to think, to strategize, to plan, and to create success.

Johnson Okorie  Covers Entrepreneurship, Digital and Social Media Marketing. He Helped a Renowned Nigerian Motivational Speaker generate $ 1,200,872 in 12 months using Digital Marketing. He is referred to as the top Digital Marketing Consultant in Africa. You can follow him on twitter @johnson_okorie

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