April 23 Workshop on How to Market your Consulting Practice and Expertise

Designed specifically for Consultants, Business Development managers and professionals, Deon Binneman, the international Reputation management consultant will host and facilitate the upcoming workshop “How to Market your Consulting Practice and Expertise” on April 23, 2015 from 8:30 to 4.30 p.m. at the Hotel Apollo. In Ferndale, Johannesburg.

At this workshop, participants will learn how to market and promote their services in an elegant, professional and effective manner, and will be exposed to thoughts and ideas covering more than 25 years of research into what works and doesn’t work in professional services and consulting marketing. It incorporates the latest thinking on Social media networking and inbound marketing, and will help participants to market their consulting practices and expertise successfully and elegantly.

The explosion of new technologies and tools, have changed the landscape of consulting and professional services marketing. Couple that with issues of competitiveness, marketing noise, the downturn in the economy, the importance of reputation and trust and questions start to arise such as –

How do you market yourself and become the trusted name in a noisy, competitive and difficult market?

How do you ensure that your Name, your Brand is the decision maker’s Nr. 1 choice?

How do you market your services using tried and tested methods and new technologies like Social Media?

Using research from the past 25 years gleaned from the experiences of thousands of successful consultants and professional service providers and incorporating the latest Social Media Marketing research, he will share many tips, strategies and frameworks to boost marketing efforts.

Attendees will leave this workshop with the know-how to:

Develop and design their own successful marketing plan for their consulting practice and area of expertise;

Identify what works and doesn’t work in consulting and professional services marketing;

Integrate latest techniques and tips gleaned from social media and other professions into their marketing efforts;

Become rainmakers and thought leaders in their own right;

Think like a marketer and spot opportunities to enhance their own brand and sell their services and

Bridge the gap between planning and effective marketing, and much, much more…

More Details – http://goo.gl/bIacdj

The workshop will be of use to new consultants, seasoned professional services providers, business practice and/or business development managers and junior associates hoping to become a senior partner or rainmaker in the business, or those just interested to gain knowledge of practical do it yourself marketing techniques.

Testimonials from previous participants are available here- http://www.deonbinneman.com/testimonials-2/

The goal of the upcoming workshop is to help participants Market their Consulting Practices and Expertise Successfully and Elegantly, helping them – saving them time and money.

For more information or to register e-mail deonbin@icon.co.za

Source: http://za.linkedin.com/in/deonbinneman; www.deonbinneman.com

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