Your Unique Identity: The Key to Modern Living

By Greg Sarrail, Vice President Solutions Business Development, Biometrics

HID Global (

How many times in a day do you identify yourself? Banking, using a credit card, receiving healthcare services, arriving at work — when a system knows who you are, you are able to do any number common, everyday activities  Your identity is unique and precious. It is also easily stolen and the target of many hackers across the globe. Technology is constantly evolving alongside the criminal element, always looking for ways to protect data and identity. One such solution happens to be biometrics and it is rapidly gaining traction in our increasingly complex modern world.

Reliable, secure and fundamentally YOU, unique biometric traits such as fingerprints are being used by banks, enterprises and consumers to verify identity. Biometric solutions offer significant identity protection because they use unique biological details to ensure an account is only accessed by the account holder, a door only opened by the owner. Here are 10 things that are little known about this technology…

1.  The uncut identity. Your fingerprint is unique to you. Nobody can use a copy of it to impersonate you. Good technology is capable of scanning down into the layers of the fingertip to differentiate unique elements of a person’s fingerprint, this data is then encrypted and used as a key to unlocking whichever physical or virtual door that the biometric system protects.

2. The living proof. No, there is nothing to the stories of fingerprints being used without their owner’s knowledge or permission. Biometric solutions are capable of using specific variables to determine if the finger used to access the system is that of a present, living person.  A copy or a fake cannot be used to access a cutting-edge biometric solution.

3. Easy and convenient. Queues and documents and paperwork may well be a thing of the past should biometrics take a firmer grip of government and banking systems. The process of registering is easy, and access to identity documents and records is yours alone.

4. Security blanket. A thousand passwords and a hundred post-it notes stuck on walls and drawers.  An excel file with a list of sites and applications and their corresponding passwords, all a thing of the past.  Nobody needs to remember their password with biometrics, they only need to show up.

5. Identity verification: Are you who you claim to be?” Say “Yes!” with the touch of a finger!

6. It’s eternal. Thanks to the fact that biometrics are keyed to a unique identity, they last forever. Once enrolled, your private files, identity, bank accounts are accessible by you and only you.

7. Cost-effective. Fraudulent access and transactions are virtually eliminated with biometrics; the time, hassle and money lost to fraud are problems of the past.

8. Anywhere is cool. Schools, airports, networks, offices, homes, toilets, banks, libraries, governments, border controls, immigration services, call centres, hospitals and even clubs and pubs – knowing “who” matters and biometrics can quickly and  conveniently confirm your identity where needed.

9. Pick your part. There are systems that can use eyes, ears, fingers, face, veins, voice, and signatures.. People are individual, and so is the solution.

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