Council of the European Union conclusions on Burundi

BRUSSELS, Kingdom of Belgium, June 22, 2015/African Press Organization (APO)/ 1. The political deadlock in Burundi and the deteriorating security and economic situation have serious consequences for the population and pose risks for the region as a whole. Faced with this critical situation, the EU welcomes the fact that the region has mobilised to find a solution. The decisions on the situation in Burundi adopted at the African Union (AU) summit of 13 June, as well as the conclusions of the East African Community (EAC) summit of 31 May 2015, establish an indispensable framework for enabling Burundi to overcome the crisis.

2. Recalling the Council conclusions of 16 March and 18 May 2015, the EU shares the view expressed by the AU, the EAC and the United Nations (UN) that only through dialogue and consensus, in compliance with the Arusha Agreement and the Burundian Constitution, can a lasting political solution be found in the interests of security and democracy for all Burundi’s people. It calls on all Burundian stakeholders to resume dialogue on all areas of disagreement between the parties, and undertakes to support them in this.

Source: European Council


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