AddSuite appointed to Google DoubleClick Bid Manager desk – drives the programmatic revolution in Africa

Cape Town – As every good marketer knows, advertising is most effective when you’ve achieved the three R’s—Right Message, Right Person and the Right Time. Doing that at scale, even in a digital world can be challenging.

To date, digital advertising has traditionally been sold the “old-fashioned way” with ad sales teams extolling the virtues of individual websites and audience reach. It’s a publisher-centric approach and means agencies and advertisers need to work with multiple partners to reach their audience.

But, when technology and advertising converge, the result is programmatic buying.   This is revolutionising the way advertising is bought and sold around the world as Programmatic Buying places the audience at the centre of the media buying process and already, 33% of digital advertising globally is bought through programmatic channels.  This is predicted to increase to 50% by 2018.

Driving the change in Africa, AddSuite has recently been appointed to a seat on the Google DoubleClick Bid Manager desk.  This follows its appointment as the first company in Africa to be made a certified Google AdSense partner. By targeting users across multiple publishers through one platform, AddSuite can now ensure relevance; efficiency and optimised impact for digital media spend. In a time where every cent matters, this is good news for brands, advertisers, publishers and the bean counters.

Says Tim Legg, Managing Director of AddSuite: “This appointment means that AddSuite can also now offer its clients access to an increased number of digital audiences across the continent, and in the region of 10 billion monthly ad impressions per month – four billion of these are on mobile in South Africa alone”.  The beauty of digital and intuitive programmatic buying is that it is entirely track-able, measurable and adaptable, as reporting is real time and allows the operators scope to change tack mid-stream if need be.

While the advanced technology is automated, AddSuite’s approach is still personal hence the new positioning as being ‘The Programmatic People’.  “We understand that people are still at the heart of every decision throughout the process, but with AddSuite’s DoubleClick Bid manager offering, we are able to bring a truly differentiated product to the marketplace, providing our customers with the ability to directly connect with the audiences they want to do business with” concluded Legg.

About AddSuite

AddSuite – is a digital advertising services company offering ad-serving solutions, real-time-bidding, programmatic buying and selling, managed ad campaigns, premium ad sales and more. The range of services enables digital publishers to drive revenue through online advertising, and helps to maximise advertising returns through targeting and profiling digital media consumers. With its premium ad network, the agency offers advertisers access to a global audience.   In addition, the company is the first company in Africa to be a certified Google AdSense partner and only the third, to have a seat on the Google DoubleClick Bid Manager Desk.

About the Ole! Media Group

Ole! Media Group is a dynamic digital media company that specialises in holistic publishing, marketing and advertising solutions for the information age. The Ole! Media Group has a global publishing network and international client base, which it services from offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, London, Leeds and Auckland.

In 2013, Tim Legg and Deseré Orrill amalgamated several companies to form the Ole! Media Group. The group currently comprises: MobiMedia, TEAMtalk media; AddSuite, HoneyKome and

Source: Ole! Media Group

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