Swimming autarcic islands with „green energy“ now available

IPA from Germany makes distribution and sales services for “Orsos Islands”

Floating Island (Source: ORSOS Island GmbH)


As of now, the company IPA International Procurement Agency from Germany, makes the exclusive international sales and distribution for the “floating islands” of the company ORSOS Island GmbH.


Mr. Martin Harbich, owner of the company IPA International Procurement Agency, has chosen to be the exclusive international distributor for the “luxury floating islands” immediately. The appropriate contract is already signed.

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So far, the company IPA was focused on the distribution of highly specialized products and services from the upper luxury segment, but also on market developments, especially the Philippine market, which is one of the most important and fastest growing markets in the coming decades worldwide.
Thus Mr. Harbich’s decision was not difficult to take another worldwide unique luxury product in its portfolio.

Availability and Benefits

The floating islands are available for interested parties from now, which means that orders are accepted immediately and appropriate contracts signed before.
The advantages over a normal property are as follows:

– No costly land property and search for it needed.
– No property tax.
– No rent or lease.
– No costs for energy as electricity, heating, air conditioning etc.
– No costs for drinking water and wastewater.
– No fixed costs, such as on the mainland.
– No or only minimal maintenance costs over a property.
– No port charges as a 60 meter yacht with similar living space.
– No operating costs over a motor yacht.
– No attachment to a place, it’s mobile and never be tied to one place, but may at
any time choose the most beautiful place and leave it there.
– Only a fraction of the cost at 1,000 square meters (Orsos Island) compared with a
comparable motor yacht with 60 meters length in the upper luxury segment.
– Much better layout and use of space than in a yacht.
– Basically the same capabilities as a property on the mainland.
– Interior and modification / adaptation of technology at any time according to
customer requirements possible.
– etc …


The floating islands can not only be prestige objects, but are used for different purposes. Here are some examples:

– pure investment property, commercial or private
– single island, private (alternative for yacht, property, etc.)
– single island, commercial (hotel, restaurant, conference room incl. Restaurants
and / or accommodation, etc.)
– Fair / Exhibition island
– Show room (e.g. for automotive presentations, etc.)
– Fashion Show (floating catwalk !)
– Swimming office
– Island Group, private
– Island Group, Commercial (several luxury residences quasi every single island as House, an island with several luxury apartments incl. Restaurant or separate island as a restaurant or different Restaurant Islands, separate Spa / Fitness Islands, Adventure Islands, Children Islands, Cinema Island, Island Aquarium, etc.)
– Event Islands (possibly in combination with hotel island or separately)
– Swimming discotheque
– Conference Islands (conference center, possibly in combination with a hotel or island separately)
– Shopping Islands (possibly in combination with hotel island or separately or as a shopping center)
– mobile luxury diving station (may the best diving locations worldwide be towed and go there at anchor, e.g. for long-time diving holidays, incl. accommodation and restaurant, possibly with glass bottom) – Presentation Island (for product presentations)
– Casino Island (mobile, classic casino restaurant, or different amusement arcades)
– Birthday present for your wife or husband !

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IPA International Procurement Agency
Mr. Martin Harbich (Owner / CEO)
Alpenweg 2
D – 83080 Oberaudorf (Germany)
Phone: 0049/80 33/6 95 51 22
Mobile: 0049/15 73/5 21 83 98
Fax: 0049/80 33/6 95 51 23
e-mail: ip-agency@online.de

International procurement agency located in Germany. The owner and CEO is Mr. Martin Harbich. Sales and distribution service for the upper luxury segment. Also specialized in market development in the Philippines and Eastern Europe.

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