South Afriican satellite company signs landmark deal with China’s only commercial satellite operator

Space Commercial Service Holdings (SCSH) South Africa’s biggest private satellite company specializing in small satellite assembly, integration and global information services just signed a landmark agreement with the Beijing-based Twenty First Century Aerospace Technology (21AT) China’s only earth observation commercial satellite operator.

This agreement will give SCSH exclusive rights to make high quality reliable data of the Africa from a constellation of three satellites available to clients across the continent. The imagery data can support a wide range of applications such as crop assessments, forestry management and deforestation, environmental protection, insurance risk assessments, infrastructure monitoring, urban and rural development, border control and maritime security.

The triple satellite constellation was launched on 10 July this year and all three satellites are currently undergoing in-orbit commissioning and the initial data acquisition has already produced high quality images.  The in-orbit commissioning is expected to be completed within three months after which the commercial satellite data services will commence. The constellation of three satellites makes it possible to target anywhere on earth once a day covering a swath of 24km at a time.

Source: 21AT

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