Egypt’s lighting efficiency plan – Get involved

Egypt has more than 10 million streetlights, which use up around six per cent of the country’s electricity. These typically use sodium, mercury vapour, and incandescent lamps.

In April 2015, a project valued at US$268.2 million was announced by the Minster of Electricity to replace 3.89 million street lamp bulbs with energy-efficient ones and is slated to be completed in 28 months. The objective of the energy-efficient street lighting will save Egypt US$191.52 million annually.

To showcase the newest technology advancements along with the very latest project case studies, Advanced Conferences & Meetings is launching LightingTech Egypt conference on 9-10 December 2015 in Cairo, Egypt.

An imperative need

Blackouts have become increasingly common in Egypt. The Electricity Ministry spokesperson Mohamed Al-Yamani recently urged Egyptian citizens to use LED bulbs to help conserve energy, and avoid operating all electrical devices at once.

Why take part in LightingTech Egypt conference?

This conference is being launched to help demonstrating best practice implementation to answer the specific requirements and challenges in Egypt.

This unique and timely event will bring together the relevant government bodies, lighting industry experts, construction professionals and solution providers.

For further information about the conference, please visit .

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