Hidden Pearls has launched a public campaign for the final selection of the charities to be given a grant of $50,000 in the war torn area of Central African Republic (CAR). CAR has unfortunately seen a lot of violence in the last 6 years. Millions have been killed and a similar number have been displaced. Hidden Pearls has asked their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram users to nominate three charity from the country that should receive this grant. A list of 10 charities has been provided to make the selection easy.

This move has received a lot of local support and even international support on Twitter. A hashtag of #HiddenPearlsGrant was trending with almost 20,000 tweets on Twitter in CAR. Kimberly Khan, CEO of Hidden Pearls, said “We are very saddened by the recent events in CAR. Unfortunately the international community has ignored CAR for a long time. We have been dedicating part of our revenues to the unfortunate in society since the company was formed. However by reaching out to our social media base, we are trying to enrich the conversation of making philanthropy as impactful as possible.”

This is not the first charitable initiative of Hidden Pearls. In the year 2009, they made headlines by starting the first ever Employee Donation Campaign in their offices in Dubai. That initiative has generated more than $300,000 in total, most of which has been donated to victims of earthquakes in Nepal, Pakistan and refugees from Iraq, Syria and Burma. Speaking of this, Kimberly remarked “Hidden Pearls and its employees are really proud of this remarkable milestone and I am sure that we will continue to make a positive change in the World for many years to come”.

“It is not just poverty we are trying to eradicate but we are also very involved with the Muslims as well as Black community to campaign for social issues. We have been supporting #BlackLivesMatter campaign for almost a year now. We have also started a columns section on our website to counter Islamophobia in the West”, Kimberly said in an interview with us earlier this month. “Our recent publication titled What is Hijab explains the headscarf from a very cultural & traditional perspective than just the media dominant religious perspective. This was a very popular publication in UK and the rest of the Europe.” A copy of that article can also be found on their website (link).

Company Profile: Hidden Pearls operate in the business of Hijabs and modest clothing for Muslims in UK and beyond. They operate a large number of Hijab Shops in UK. Their online Hijab Store is one of the largest and most visited hijab stores in UK. Their hijab shop gets visited by tens of thousands of online customers every month. Their main products include different types of trendy and unique hijabs, Hijab Underscarf, Hijab Pins, Hijab Accessories, Jilbabs, Niqabs and Abayas and lot of other types of modest clothing.

Source: Hidden Pearls

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