Ericsson AHUB: the perfect space for investors to stake their claim to Africa’s new tech innovators

AfricaCom’s innovative Ericsson AHUB is the premium space for investors to meaningfully connect with the wealth of entrepreneurial excellence in Africa’s innovative technology sector.

The Ericsson AHUB at AfricaCom, taking place from 17-19 November at the CTICC, will bring together Africa’s leading entrepreneurs, tech start-ups and venture capital/angel investor communities. The aim is to encourage investment and showcase talent in a sector that has an abundance of ICT tech skills, but needs more funding and guidance from industry experts.

AfricaCom Research Director, Julie Rey-Gore, said: “The Ericsson AHUB will host Africa’s top seasoned and starting out, tech entrepreneurs. It is the perfect opportunity for investors interested in this exciting space to meet and connect with the future of the industry. It’ll also be a rare chance for investors to network with other each other and incubators, accelerators and other tech innovation hubs,” she said.

The Ericsson AHUB is structured around a three-day conference programme packed with insightful discussion, debate and presentations by some of Africa’s most innovative and exciting tech focused entrepreneurs and start-ups. Investors will be able to identify ideal companies they wish to check out, by using a pre-event networking tool and then take advantage of the speed networking sessions on offer at the show.

There are many opportunities for investors to interact with and identify the potential ‘next big thing’, but none better than AfricaCom’s AHUB that has pre-identified and qualified participants.  Rey-Gore confirmed: “The Ericsson AHUB welcomes all investors, incubators and funders who want to play in the tech space and help these vital communities to grow and evolve. If your organisation recognises the importance of grassroots ICT in Africa then the Ericsson AHUB is the place to be.”

Ericsson AHUB sessions will be offered free of charge to start-ups and small businesses operating in the sector, making this the ideal place for any company to position its innovative offering. “Another aim of the Ericsson AHUB is to foster new relationships between various incubator hubs allowing the sharing of best practice, membership recruitment and funding models,” she said.

This brand-new community-driven event at AfricaCom 2015 is proudly developed by Informa, working in partnership with mlab, Disrupt Africa, Silicon Cape and a host of other like-minded partners.

This pioneering space is geared towards enabling entrepreneurs to share ideas, collaborate and connect with the most active and sophisticated venture capitalists and angel investors. The Ericsson AHUB is the essential destination for anyone interested in investment, media exposure, customers or mentoring. It is the perfect platform for investors to stake their claim in Africa’s future technological advancement.

Source: AfricaCom 2015


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