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The Socio-Political and Governance Dimensions of Hunger:Exploring Ethiopia’s Crisis

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Ethiopia: The Fabulous Beaches of Langano

The stunning beach, Langano is 18 km long with depth of 46 meters 0ffering water sport adventures and refreshing swim. The surrounding resort’s spectacular landscape bids beachfront as well as a vast cliff-top breath-taking view over the lake. The admirable sunrise over the lakes brings warmth to your room. Whether you want to tan on a beach all day or enjoy the night away, there is an Ethiopian Langano beach to suit your every desire. read more

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Advancement of Online Reputation Management

There are a lot of misconceptions about online reputation management. Some think it’s just social media monitoring while others believe it has something to do with public relations, and still others do not recognize how it can influence business and sales. read more

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Company culture responsible for rogue traveller behaviour and soaring travel costs

Given the state of the global economy, many companies are initiating strict policies to curb spiralling overheads. Yet it still happens that employees abuse loopholes in the system, particularly when it comes to business travel. Kim Parker, Wings Travel Management’s head of business development, corporate, in sub-Saharan Africa explains that this is often due to a particular company culture that allows for rogue travel expenditure, and a lack of adherence to corporate travel policies. Such a culture costs companies millions each year. read more

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Governance and African Microfinance Boards – training by Centre for Financial Inclusion in Africa

More than 2 billion of the world’s poor still lack access to financial services. And Africa provides a substantial portion of that number. And The Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion is committed to changing that. read more

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South Africa. 85 000 jobs at risk if AGOA falls through

The Western Cape Agriculture sector relies heavily on the trade of citrus fruits. South Africa exports citrus fruits to the value of $ 700 million to the United States. Should the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) deal fall through, 85 000 jobs in the citrus farming sector will be at risk. read more

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