Elliot For Water, the search engine that brings safe drinking water to Africa thanks to the clicks of its users.

“What would you do if you had the possibility to save a human life by simply doing something you already do every day?”

This is the question that Andrea Demichelis, born in 1993, asks to people when he starts explaining his humanitarian project, Elliot For Water.

Elliot For Water is a new search engine that, through the clicks of its users, raises money that will be used to undertake safe drinking water projects in Africa.

This is made possible by the innovative business model that the company has implemented: make profit through the service of the search engine, and use 70% of it to undertake humanitarian projects.

The innovative aspect of this business model is that the search engine service is free to use for its users, just like it is on any other search engine. In fact, the money comes from the clicks of the users on the sponsored links. These links are a form of advertising that companies use to gain visibility on the web by paying a search engine to position their website at the top of the results page. The publisher, in this case E4W, charges the advertiser every time their link is clicked. On elliotforwater.com, these links are called “Water Links”.

Though newly launched on the web, this search engine ensures a reliable and constantly updated service because the results and the sponsored links are powered by Yahoo, the second most used search engine in the global market.

This means that by using this search engine, people are benefitting from a perfectly functional and free service, knowing that simply by using it, they are also contributing to improve the lives of millions of people.

This is the main focus of E4W’s humanitarian activities, to intervene in remote villages in Arica and provide people with technologies that will improve their way of living.

To do so, the company collaborates with local african associations that are well integrated in the communities and with them, it implements in the villages the technology developed by Solwa, an Italian startup that has been E4W’s partner since thier launch.

Solwa created a module that can purify dirty, polluted and salty water simply by using the power of the sun, which activates the natural depuration process through evaporation. This technology can be build with materials that are easily accessible for the villages and is powered solely by solar panels that are provided by E4W. Once built, the machine requires low operation and low maintenance activities.

Besides providing access to safe drinking water, E4W will analyse the other needs of the villages and, depending on the necessities, it will associate to the water purifying machines also other technologies, developed by the same company, that address other issues such as infertile grounds and the preservation of foods.

Designed on the simplicity of the materials adopted and on naturally endurable processes, all of these machines provide an accessible, reliable, and sustainable zero-waste asset for the villages.

Another objective of Elliot For Water is to educate people about water crisis. This because, amongst people in developed countries, there is very low awareness of the water and sanitation problems in Africa. It is essential therefore for them to inform about the problem, so that their widely accessible solution will be exploited. For this reason, E4W disseminates to its users information of the water related issues in Africa. The information is delivered in an engaging way so that more people will be educated and sensitized towards the problem and, therefore, more motivated to take action to fight against it.

By informing people about the problem, and giving them an accessible way to act against it, Elliot For Water becomes more than a simple search engine. It becomes a movement of people that are united by a mission and that use elliotforwater.com as an active way to be constanlty contributing to making this world a better place to live in for eveyrone.

And now that you know about Elliot For Water, what are you going to use the next time that you will search the web?

Source: elliotforwater.com

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