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Africa Investigates looks at British American Tobacco in Kenya

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Reasons to Always Have an Emergency Plan for Your Business

If the past has taught businesses anything about disasters it’s to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. From severe weather patterns to the human element, bad things can happen without provocation or notice. Your business should always have a plan of action in the event of an emergency. While fire escape routes are nice to hang on the walls, you may need to have better safety procedures for other dangerous circumstances. Professionals in the field of emergency preparedness, such as Catherine Hooper, have outlined custom plans for almost any situation. As keeping employees safe should be a priority for any business owner, you may want to incorporate some of these plans. read more

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Magnificent Rocks of Gheralta for best Trekking & Ancient church Sighting

The giant cliffs and magnificent rock formations of Mount Gheralta found in northern Ethiopia will take your breath away with its stunning landscape. The natural allure, stone-built villages and rock-hewn churches are definitely worth visiting. read more

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Industrialization soon to Dominate Ethiopia’s Economy

Compared to its counterparts in Sub-Saharan Africa which are growing by 5.4% on average, Ethiopia’s economy has continued to register growth with its gross domestic product (GDP) growing by an average of 10.9% in the past decade. It is shifting its priority to industry economic policy to sustain its growth. read more

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Ancient Hotels of Ethiopia

Ethiopia has several sophisticated ancient hotels that have breathtaking views and unique architectural designs. These accommodations showcase on site art gallery featuring works from local ancient artists. The historical hotels offer ancient yet modern accommodations, exquisite local and international cuisine and cozy spa treatments reminiscent of a royal treatment. Jovago, the largest hotel booking website highlighted the local and international favorite establishments in Ethiopia. read more

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December showcases fall in cement and clinker FOB prices in Med Basin, Persian Gulf – Arabian Sea and East Africa

Prices continue to trend negatively for cement, according to the CW Research’s December update to Med Basin, Persian Gulf – Arabian Sea and East Africa Cement and Clinker price assessment. read more

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Ethiopia Aspires to make Mining Major Export Item

As more international companies make way for Ethiopia’s mineral wealth, the country opened its door to license more than 250 companies to excavate its natural treasures. The government is offering a variety of incentives to attract investors, including tax holidays, import-duty exemptions, lower royalty levels and guarantees on selling rights. read more

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MoneyGram Launches Account Deposit into Nigeria’s $21 Billion Annual Remittance Market

MoneyGram (NASDAQ: MGI) ( today announced it is the first money transfer company to offer customers in France, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Spain a way to send money to most personal Nigerian Naira bank accounts within minutes*. read more

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Ethiopia calls for pricing carbon pollution

For the first time, an alliance of Heads of State from France, Germany, Mexico, Chile, Ethiopia and Canada have joined hands to urge countries and companies around the globe to put a price on carbon pollution. Speaking before more than 500 people at the climate talks, the leaders of six countries stood on stage calling for global support. read more

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Schengen in on life support and West African manufacturers should pay close attention

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