Breaking news!!! Africa’s Own Premier Racing Series – Formula Africa (Formula ‘A’ or fA)

Quentin Smith – Motorsport Analyst.

Formula Africa is an African Racing Championship Series with individual drivers representing their respective nations, it allows participation by any African wherever they are in the world. A partnership and collaboration of a top Formula One (F1) team and the biggest motorsport business in Europe and their Africa partner – Formula A Limited.

The single seater championship with some similarities to F1 will be launched officially in a glitzy ceremony in one of Africa’s finest cities in the first quarter of 2016 with the first race thereafter.

This is the culmination of vision, inspiration and more than two years of hard-work, innovation and sheer persistence.

Globally billions of dollars change hands through sport and sport related business but in Africa sport is seen as just entertainment whereas throughout the world sport is big business, as a matter of fact sport produces more millionaires every year in comparison to any business sector.

In Africa business is largely perceived as only office or factory (suit n’tie) however sport makes multi-millionaires throughout the world with Africans now a part of that list the likes of Drogba, Eto, Toure et al.

F1 the pinnacle of motorsport only has one black driver, Why? Is this a reflection of talent or ability? Absolutely not! Motor racing is elitist at its core coupled with access issues like the prohibitive costs and other man-made barriers it is nigh impossible for black people to get a look in, well NOT ANYMORE thanks to Formula ‘A’. Africans can now enjoy race craft, pure skill and talent on display at every Grand Prix, it is indeed Africa’s time!

“Our aim is not just to entertain through this spectacle but to provide a viable and much needed outlet for the abundant talent going to waste due to lack of opportunity or a stage to perform. Lewis Hamilton (the current & now 3time F1 champion) is not a fluke or freak of nature there are many Lewis’ among the black population across the globe” said Evans Maporisa the founder and CEO of fA.

This is the pinnacle of motorsport for Africans and hopefully a launch pad for some drivers into F1, the first and only one for Africans.

This is the most exciting and biggest project in terms of participation for Africans in decades and will without a doubt be the most recognised African brand in the world due to its unique model.

Racing is a billion dollar industry that boasts an increasing number of enthusiasts across all ages and demographics and FormulaA’ will bridge the gap as has happened with other former elite sports.

Other benefits of the project include

1. Employment

Over a thousand direct jobs which however pales in comparison to the thousands of jobs that will be created via supporting businesses and related industries.

“We are creating high skilled jobs from engineers, technicians, principals, mechanics etc” emphasised Evans.

Other aims of the project regarding jobs is to up-skill individuals employed and also provide work experience opportunities for higher or tertiary education students and arrange mentorship programmes with other business leaders.

2. Industry and Infrastructure development

The project will unquestionably boost local industry thereby encouraging local and national governments to partner with local businesses to develop the necessary infrastructure to support the demand for services created.

Jobs mean disposable income which goes back into local businesses and communities creating a growth circle.

3. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

By the end of year two the project will create more high skilled jobs through Knowledge Transfer Partnerships by manufacturing/producing most if not all the components and gear used in the project because for Africa to develop we must industrialise and stop being consumers of foreign produced goods and services thereby always growing the economies of others. This will create more direct jobs and more also in supporting industries.

As a region we produce very little yet we have a market of almost a billion people being exploited by outsiders.

4. Tourism

The project will promote travel within the country by locals (national tourism) an area that we are not exploiting fully and also encourage intra African travel (cross border) to experience what each African country has to offer thereby supporting local economies.

We will portray Africa’s positive and great side, showcase our beautiful and exotic places. We let ourselves down by letting the World see only the troubles and problems in Africa then wonder why people shy away from visiting our beautiful resorts.

We have great attractions that are not promoted or promoted well.

5. Fiscas – through royalties.

6. Community

We will support good community projects and invest in youth development programmes.

People who want to contact us can do so via email: business and investors only or all other enquiries or mobile number +44 (0) 744 011 8925 as the website is not yet live for strategic reasons.

Evans Maporisa – (CEO, Formula A Ltd).

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