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Equatorial Guinea Awards EPC Contract for New Petrochemicals Complex

Riaba Fertilizers Limited has awarded the EPC contract for a new petrochemicals complex to a Chinese consortium led by East China Engineering Science and Technology Co. Ltd (ECEC) read more

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Final day of International Forum on Islamic Finance (IFIF) focuses on innovation & technology as enablers for financial inclusion in Africa

Eminent leaders from EY, PwC, UNDP, Bank of Khartoum lead discussions on African emerging Islamic finance markets, microfinance and FinTech read more

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“To enhance the performance of the manufacturing sector, government has to address the energy and infrastructural challenges which has inhibited the maximum contribution of the sector to GDP and economic growth of this country.”

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3rd Annual mPAD and the Nigeria Manufacturing Expo

15 – 17 March 2016, Landmark Centre, Lagos, Nigeria read more

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Key e-commerce trends in 2016 – according to leading Nordic e-commerce CEOs

Christoffer Tyrefors, CEO, Cykelkraft.se read more

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Dallol the World’s Hottest and Extreme Place on Earth

There are rare places in the world that offer such a fascinating insight one with magnificent formation is Dallol which takes your breath away. To see a flow of lava emerge from the ground, a river of liquid fire from the depths of the earth, is an incomparable sight. Jovago Africa’s leading hotel booking company highlights interesting facts that might interest you to take unforgettable volcano travel in Afar. read more

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Mobile App strategies to Leverage on Hospitality and Travel Industry

Travel industries have been active creating transaction in mobile site leveraging on mobile apps to reach global audience. Such companies created new technologies that ease traveler’s journey providing an effective way of travel information notifying consumers about latest travel deals and offers. read more

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Entertaining things you can buy in Ethiopia with a dollar

A dollar doesn’t give you luxury, but it can still buy more fun things. Jovago Africa’s leading online hotel booking company surfed the Ethiopian market and stopped by across Africa stores to track down some of the best purchase’s a dollar can give you. read more

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Ethiopian Traditional Artisans Appealing to the Global Market

As in many countries in the world weaving, pottery and basketry are ancient crafts developed in Ethiopia. Such traditional handicrafts have always been and remain to be both vocation and way of life. Gone are the days where craftspeople exist unrecognized and marginalized in the society. Instead there have been many initiatives to develop activities to enhance the socio-cultural and economic roles contributed by crafts. read more

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Sights and Bites in Addis Ababa

Your budget travel plan will comfortably get you pretty far to Addis Ababa with adventures indoor and outdoor adventures. A land of history and unique natural sites are just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to this beautiful country and its capital city is no exception. It’s known for beautiful ancient monasteries, lavish palaces and luxurious hotels where you basically float down a wide heated pools and stop at tons of bars and restaurants along the way. read more

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