Dallol the World’s Hottest and Extreme Place on Earth

There are rare places in the world that offer such a fascinating insight one with magnificent formation is Dallol which takes your breath away. To see a flow of lava emerge from the ground, a river of liquid fire from the depths of the earth, is an incomparable sight. Jovago Africa’s leading hotel booking company highlights interesting facts that might interest you to take unforgettable volcano travel in Afar.

Dallol sits over 400 feet below sea level and averages less than 200 millimeters of rainfall annually. The territory is one of the hottest place on the planet featuring from earthquakes, volcano fountains to salt hills. The town of Dallol was named for the volcanic explosion crater in the Danakil Depression. Part of the Erta Ale Range, the Dallol crater was formed when basaltic magma created giant salt deposits. The resulting hydrothermal eruptions also formed volcano. The Dallol crater is one of the lowest known volcanic vents in the world at 45 meter below sea level.

The hot springs in Dallol depict bright colors, a palette of ferrous chloride and iron hydroxide emissions forming deep blue lakes. Dallol Salt Mountain lay on the ground creating impressive view. These salt pillars a result from erosion which rise up to 40 meter high. The trek to Dallol locally referred as “the Gateway to Hell,” which is long and challenging.

From the sun above, and bubbling sulfur from the ground below, Dallol the scorching colorful hot town in the Afar Depression holds the record for having the highest average annual temperature ever recorded at 96˚F heating all year around. The volcano is one of the lowest volcanic vents in the world making the region unique destination. This active volcanic area is home to an incredible landscape of volcanic activity and several hot springs found North of Ethiopia.

Sitting on the border town, Dallol is another gorgeous place that has many areas of volcanic escaped to discover. This volcano takes you to extreme adventure through some of the country’s magnificent landscape. There, you can visit landmarks such as the volcano and its stunning green, white and brown salt lake.  You can also wander off the hottest paths, interact with locals and get in touch with nature. Dallol is one of the most remote place on earth, although most roads are paved, the most common mode of transport besides jeeps are the camels known as ships of the desert.

Visit has to be accompanied by armed guards who are accustomed with the place. There are no places to lodge or dine at the desert hence it’s important to pack bottled water and foods that will last for four days along with sunscreen and hats.

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