What cities should you visit for business travel?

They say that travel broadens the mind but, when it comes to business, it can do so much more than that. Traveling for business is an amazing way to create, and develop, connections with associates and clients, learn so much more about a particular industry, and explore new ways of conducting operations, as well as uncovering products and services to add to portfolios. Those who travel for business discover so many more opportunities, both inside and outside of work, but it pays to know where to travel; the world is an endless network of amazing cities, so how does one make sure to make the most of each journey?

The best cities for business travel

The world is filled with amazing trade locations, and so it’s essential for business owners and their associates to conduct a little research before sending partners and employees out on a networking or sourcing trip; which are the busiest centers for specific industries? Where in the world would a business trip be most valued? It is exciting to note that many centers for industry can now be found in Africa; alongside renowned cities such as New York and Tokyo, now Accra and Nairobi are taking to the stage as top cities to visit for business travel. So, what do these cities offer in terms of business travel, and why is each so valuable?

Accra, Ghana

Ghana’s capital, Accra has blossomed to become one of Africa’s leading business hubs, close enough to Nigeria’s opportunities and market, and yet quiet, and safe, enough to offer businesses representatives security while they work. Accra is a top location for the economic and administrative industries, while Ghana houses automotive businesses, farming and mining companies, food and beverages manufacturing, and light production. Having grown in size and reputation Accra has plentiful public transport links, access to a number of cellphone networks and Wi-Fi providers, and payment options to suit any pocket. In addition Accra is a fantastic place for representatives, and the self-employed, to seek accommodation, with a variety of hotel chains and independent boutiques, self-catering apartments, and guesthouses on offer.

Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi is East Africa’s largest, and most vibrant, city. For this reason it’s a fantastic place for anybody hoping to uncover the treasures of Kenya’s transportation, communication and financial industries, as well as learning a little more about the country’s rich culture. Nairobi itself houses the Nairobi Stock Exchange, which is one of Africa’s largest, and multiple construction, food, and manufacturing companies, each waiting to tempt investors and build vital business links. Like Accra, Nairobi has a progressive transportation system, accepts all widely carried forms of tender, and offers public access Wi-Fi in certain areas of the city. Despite recent activities, Nairobi is considered a safe place to visit, and offers a host of accommodation options for the savvy traveler; vacation apartments in Nairobi are particularly comfortable, and give business representatives a perfect base to conduct their exploration from.

New York City, USA

While Accra and Nairobi are growing in size and stature, New York has long been a renowned city to visit for business travel; it is worth traveling that little bit further afield to experience everything this center for trade has to offer. New York not only houses its own homegrown and successful companies, but some of the world’s best-known ventures, including giants of finance, media, communications, fashion, and technology. New York is a city of headquarters, with a wide variety of attractions to tempt and tease those doing business; mixing business with pleasure is a great way to meet and impress clients, after all. New York is well placed for transport, both within the city and towards America’s other great centers, widely used communication networks, and a host of beautiful, and affordable, types of accommodation for business users.

Shanghai, China

Being the world’s largest city proper, it is perhaps no surprise that Shanghai is also an incredibly popular place to do business; here, companies will find representatives from the financial, technological, manufacturing, and communication industries, as well as a host of other companies that are waiting to do business. Shanghai has been the focus of foreign investment since the 19th century, turning an administrative and trading town into the leviathan it is today. Bustling and vibrant, Shanghai has excellent transport links, Wi-Fi available in public, and private spaces, and a rich and diverse culture in which businesses and their associates can network freely. It also has some spectacular accommodation, ensuring that the self-employed, and representatives from multinational companies, will find somewhere to lay their heads, if only for a moment before business starts again.

Each of these cities is an important center for trade and industry, and it would serve a business well to send representatives out on business as often as possible. In addition, such cities provide fantastic opportunities for those hoping to build their own businesses; what could be more exciting, or beneficial, than exploring a different corner of the world in search of inspiration or contacts? Business travel is vital, and should be researched properly. With so many destinations on offer, only the best will do.

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