Winjit optimistic about technology solutions in Africa

Based out of Johannesburg, South Africa and Nashik, India, Winjit Technologies is a technology solutions’ provider with more than 10 years’ experience in enabling technology-led solutions for organisations across the globe. In particular, the company’s custom-designed enterprise solutions have been designed to suit the distinctive needs of enterprises across Africa. It has invested over 10,000+ man years of experience of delivering enterprise software solutions across conventional and mobile-based technologies to deliver high-quality, time-efficient solutions.

Catering to the needs of the retail, education, banking and financial sectors, some of the company’s products include:

Area Manager, a one-stop enterprise app solution for retail store management that facilitates standardisation of stores with real-time data on performances of individual stores and its staff.

EduBeacon, which helps preserve students’ attention in the learning area while providing teachers with advance notifications. Teachers can upload custom files for students and embed their user experience while using iBeacons.

Apps for financial services to serve the varied needs of microfinance, reinsurance, auto finance, banks and accounting firms. The services aim to cater to the inclusive needs of the dynamic banking and financial services industry (BFSI).

In the sector of enterprise mobility, which is burgeoning at an enormous pace, it has become a challenge for growing organisations to tap the potential of this rapidly evolving technology. Mobile devices have come a long way from being used to communicate, check mails, send messages, etc. to being a utilitarian device with seamless possibilities. This is made possible by the inception of mobile apps. Winjit assists organisations by developing and implementing innovative mobile and enterprise mobility products and apps that cater to their organisational needs. Winjit’s mobility framework transforms business processes and increases operational efficiency while its integration with mobile application development methodology enables it to rapidly deploy solutions across mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry.

To illustrate the efficacy of the company’s solutions, there is a case-study of a financial technology company that had a unique product allowing its customers to do forecasting of container storage. However, it was facing a challenge from its competitors in terms of pricing.  In order to stay competitive, the company decided to change the model from the conventional per machine license to ‘pay as you use’ model.  However, the transition had to be a smooth one without affecting the existing customers. Winjit’s team worked closely with the product development team of the company and came up with a robust cloud architecture that leveraged the features of the cloud efficiently. This resulted in the company getting the true benefits of cloud computing and enabled them to smoothly adopt the software as a service model. The solution was built on Microsoft Windows Azure and the benefits that accrued included bringing down the infrastructure cost by 45 per cent, enabling increase in revenues by 35 per cent and leading to easy integration of the product with other systems.

Ashwin Kandoi, Co-Founder, Winjit Technologies

Winjit Technologies recently participated in Enterprise Mobility Africa, held in March 2016 at Johannesburg and the Mobile World Congress at Spain, Barcelona. Commenting on the response from delegates and visitors, Ashwin Kandoi, Co-Founder, Winjit Technologies, said: “Africa is transforming into a vibrant technology market and Winjit is optimistic about connecting, engaging, designing and serving the valued African enterprises with its disruptive solutions.” The company’s solutions also cater to other industry verticals such as manufacturing, energy, mining and ‘smart city’ projects.

Winjit is now developing solutions for Internet of Things (IoT). With its experience in both hardware engineering and software development, the company aims to provide end-to-end solutions for third party developers to create easily deployable and scalable IoT applications, especially in the African region. According to Kandoi, even though investments in Africa are presently limited and internet penetration is still not extremely high, there is a gradual movement to more modern formats of smart phone technology, which will be of benefit to the company over the long term. As such, the company will continue to invest in the market both in terms of servicing existing customers as well as building innovative cutting-edge solutions.


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