The Geographical Institute of Congo calls on IGN FI’s expertise to develop the use of geographical information in DR Congo

Christophe DEKEYNE, the Executive Director of IGN FI visited Kinshasa on March 10th to sign a framework agreement aimed at supporting the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the various uses it can make of geographical information and in the deployment of its Geographical Institute, the IGC.

The ceremony took place at the Salon Bleu in the Government building in Kinshasa in the presence of the Minister of Scientific Research and Technology, Daniel MADIMBA KALONJI, the IGC supervisory minister, the scientific and cultural attaché to the French Embassy in DR Congo, Philippe LARRIEU, and the Executive Director of the IGC, Albert MBUYUNUMBI. A number of beneficiaries of the signature of this protocol, several representatives of financial backers and the main ministries using and/or producing geographical data in DR Congo shall also be naturally associated with this event.

In view of the scope of geographical information, the protocol to be signed will cover several strategic issues, including IGC’s modernization and repositioning as a model operator in data production and maintenance in DR Congo.

“All the expertise possessed by IGN FI will be mobilized and made available to the authorities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo through this agreement, not only in order to modernize the geographical institute and enable it to play its role to the full with regard to other actors in national development, but also in a wider sense, to create an effective geographical information strategy to ensure that the country possesses reliable information” explains Christophe Dekeyne, Director general.

This collaboration is based on the transfer of skills and technologies, fields in which IGN FI has developed a high level of expertise. It coincides with the announcement made by DR Congo of the ambitious diversification strategy planned for its economy between now and 2030.


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