Free Web Tools For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re wanting to start a business in Mombasa or Lake Malawi, it’s important to keep your initial costs down whenever you launch a business. Being able to do as much as possible for free or cheap can be the best way to ensure your businesses succeeds over its first year. There’s a good reason that first 12 months is the make or break period!

In order to help entrepreneurs and small businesses make a strong first step, we’ve put together a list of free resources to help any business succeed. Whether you’re starting up an ecommerce website or just starting to do odd jobs on the side for extra money, many of these should help you get the leverage you need to reach customers and look professional.

Use TheNameApp To Get a Great Business Name

It’s not easy to think of a great business name, and unfortunately, a good name can make or break a startup! This app makes it easy to find a business name which hasn’t already been turned into a .com web address. It also helps suggest clever, catchy names to help ensure that your business name is memorable and unique.

Create Amazing Free Logos With Squarespace Logo Creator

It’s one thing to have a business name; but having a strong logo can make your business seem trustworthy to new clients. Most people have to pay a hefty designing fee for a nice, print-quality logo… but you can head over to Squarespace and use their free logo creator. Their logo designs are all clean and modern, which make them easy to print, change colors on, and add to websites and business cards. It’s so easy to use that it shouldn’t take you more than just a few minutes!

Free Invoicing Tool

You won’t forget the name of this one, it says exactly what it does! Free-Invoice-Generator allows you to create, save, and send attractive and professional looking invoices branded to your company. It’s another way for your startup to increase its apparent legitimacy, and can cut billing times in half. What’s better than saving time and money? Nothing!

Free Website Templates

Every business needs a website. No matter what you do or what you sell, a website is an important sign of authority and legitimacy, and can help reduce potential client confusions and questions. But if you’re like most entrepreneurs and don’t have the big bucks to hire a professional developer, you can always use website templates for free. These allow you to quickly build a simple but snappy website without a big investment of money or time.

Create Free Graphics with Canva

There are dozens of reasons you might need great graphics. For example, you could advertise with flyers, put graphics on your website, make graphics for discount cards or business cards. Whatever your needs, Canva is an easy to use graphic creator which is virtually impossible to use poorly and helps you create professional-looking images in a few minutes.

Free Email Marketing with Mailchimp

If you’ve been keeping a finger on the pulse of business trends within the last year, you know that emails and newsletters can be an amazing and powerful way to grow your list of clients, and to encourage return business from existing clients. Mailchimp is a dependable service which is free up to 2,000 users, and has a simple drag-and-drop interface for making handsome branded emails.

The Bottom Line

If you can think about something you need for your business, there are probably ways you can get it for cheap or free. When you’ve got a startup, always be looking at clever places to cut costs and increase your ROI. When in doubt, try and see if you can save money on sweat equity: doing something for yourself, rather than paying someone else.

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