Philippines company expands business distributorship networks in Zimbabwe

A Philippines based company, Edmark International has spread it wings into Zimbabwe with the recent launch of its first Edmark Zimbabwe’s 1st anniversary expo recently on 19 March, 2016.

The company is also reported to be registering a growing network of distributors across the country.

According to Ms Yeoh Ee Ping, Edmark’s Corporate Communications Manager, the company has brought Zimbabwe the first ever Edmark expo, a brand new concept of exhibiting the opportunity that the company offers in maintain their health, financial freedom and a means to make better lives.

Edmark International is a company that focuses on inspiring a healthy lifestyle with a wide range of products which advocate the Feel Good spirit as a company guided by the four pillars of success: Gratitude, abundance, love and compassion. According to a statement by Ms Ping, the company offers an effective range of products that aid in weight loss and maintenance. The products are distributed through network marketing by a global family of distributors.

‘The Edmark expo is one of the many ways the company seeks to assist its independent distributors with their efforts in expanding their business teams, be it locally or globally,” said Ms Ping.

It is reported that since 1984, Edmark group of companies, with its global expansion and multi million multi-faceted business interest, the company has condensed the information into a single event, the Edmark expo.

In the expo, distributors and guests will learn about the business, the company’s manufacturing plant, its live-demo businesses in the Middle East and the Philippines on top of the company’s latest venture into property development in Nigeria.

“With Zimbabwe being among Edmark’s fastest growing business venture, the company has brought the expo to Harare celebrating Edmark’s 1st anniversary in the country. There are countless activities and promotions awaiting distributors and guests in Zimbabwe,” Ms Ping said.

It is also understood that Edmark Zimbabwe branch was officially opened in February 2015.The growing demand for Edmark products in Zimbabwe is said to have gained the attention of the management and business development teams. Also its reported that an increasing number of consumers and distributors purchased products and registered their distributorships from branches in Zambia and South Africa.

Ping reports that since the company’s entry into Zimbabwe, it has germinated into a hub for a growing market of Edmark consumers and distributors in the country coming from Bulawayo and Mutare as well as nearby countries like Malawi.

As of 2016, Edmark is reported to have had branches in 27 countries around the world with 17 of them being in Africa. Zimbabwe is reported to be the 17th African country as the company continues to expand to cater for the flourishing African market.

Edmark Zimbabwe is also said to be focusing its efforts in serving its fast growing network of distributors standing at over 2000 active independent distributors across the country.

“Edmark’s range of products, especially the power 4 healthy and swimming products have been a big hit across the country giving people the chance to regain and reclaim their health through weight loss,” Ping said.

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