Zimbabwe’s outdated mines Act to undergo review

Zimbabwe is to repeal its outdated mines and minerals Act in a bid to boost the mines sector and woe much needed investors, Fred Moyo, Mines and Minerals Development Deputy Minister has said.

Moyo told delegates at a  Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe state of the mining industry survey presentation forum that the the country’s mines and minerals Act is now very old and needs review
to suite the current environment.

“We have a number of bills which will be going through parliament soon especially related to the mines sector and these include the mines and minerals Act,” Moyo said.

He added that the review process has to see to it that the mines and minerals Act has to conform to the needs of local miners, investors and stakeholder interests. Some of the issues that the deputy minister said the new Act would address include issues of investor titlement to mining claims.

Moyo added that the new act would also address issues to do with community interests so that communities benefit from mining initiatives, safeguarding the environment and ownership issues at local and foreign level.

Other issues he outlined include beneficiation issues, addressing conflicts emanating from mining and land issues focusing on rights issues. Issues to be addressed would also include taxation, trading environment regime, industrialization, social  growth, manufacturing industries, international competitiveness and value addition issues.

It is also understood from Moyo that the other pending bills to promote mining development in the pipeline include the Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe (MMCZ) and the Pan African Minerals University of Science and Technology (PAMUST) bill to establish a pan African university focusing on science and technology issues.

Moyo said that the MMCZ act is set to address issues of marketing mineral potential. Focus will be on geological exploration and research.

The Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe is a private sector voluntary organisation established in 1999.Its primary objective is to advocate and lobby in order to promote, encourage and protect the interests of the mining industry in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe’s mines and minerals act was initiated in 1961.

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