Quantum Global acquires land in the Planalto region of Angola

The Government of Angola has leased 80,000 hectares of plantation land to Quantum Global

The concession agreement will be for a period of 60 years to develop large-scale wood fiber plantations in the Planalto region of Angola

Luanda, 03 May 2016 – Global investment firm Quantum Global today announced that the Government of Angola has leased over 80,000 hectares of plantations and additional land bank area to the Group to develop large-scale wood fiber plantations in the Planalto region of Angola, representing a unique opportunity on a global level. As part of this concessional agreement, Quantum Global aims to invest approximately USD 50 million to the new plantation establishment, infrastructure and wood processing industries over the next five years.

The region of Planalto has an exceptional combination of large areas of underutilized fertile land, very little natural forests, low population pressure, access to transport infrastructure and sufficient water resources, which enables the development of large-scale wood fiber plantations. Furthermore, the area has existing plantations that can support the early establishment of wood processing industries in the area and contribute in the creation of industrial employment and a forest industry based cluster. Investments into timberland will bring much needed long term stability and jobs into the underserved rural communities.

Martin Bachmann, Head of Active Management, Quantum Global commented, “Quantum Global firmly believes that timberland investment is core to promoting rural economic development, employment and social-economic development, and the Group is fully committed to the ethical conduct in its business. With this overarching objective in mind, the Group aims to promote sustainable forestry practices to support the local communities through various skills development programs along with ensuring measures that protect the natural habitat. Our timberland investments aim to be third-party certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. “

Through this acquisition, Quantum Global aims to realize risk-adjusted returns for the timberland asset class, whilst implementing sustainable forestry practices and facilitating conservation protection on the investments.

About Quantum Global

Quantum Global is an international group of companies active in the areas of private equity investments, investment management, private wealth management as well as macroeconomic research and econometric modelling. Quantum Global’s private equity arm manages a family of funds targeting direct investments in Africa in the sectors of Agriculture, Healthcare, Hotels, Infrastructure, Mining and Timber – as well as a sector agnostic structured equity fund. Our team combines a solid track record and proven expertise to identify and execute unique investment opportunities with focus on Africa. Quantum Global works in close partnership with key stakeholders to maximize investment value and returns through active management and value creation. For more information, visit www.quantumglobalgroup.ch

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