Online Advertising Market in South Africa

The advertising market in South Africa is booming. So many companies from all over the world are utilizing the breadth and reach that internet advertising offers. According to a scholarly source entitled Beliefs and Attitudes Towards Online Advertising in a Social Network Context, researchers found that there is a significant difference between African respondents and Caucasian respondents in that the more positive a person’s beliefs are about online advertising, the more positive their overall attitude towards online advertising was. This finding can assist marketing practitioners to better understand the role of internet advertising, and the importance in the increasingly widespread dimensions of the marketing profession.

While all of these factors are sure to play a role in one way or another, both digital and online advertising and marketing in South Africa ought not to spend all of their energy and budget on internet advertising alone – unless they are not trying to go after the majority of South Africans. Mobile is where the future lies, and where it will remain for the next few years. In fact, South Africa has one of the highest in the entire world. But, South Africa, like the entire African continent as a whole, is very different to the Western world of Europe and North America. While it’s true that data prices are coming down, and smartphones are becoming less expensive, there remains a large distinction between the haves and have-nots suggests that the majority of our population still use simple, featureless, “dumb” phones – as opposed to smart phones.

Internet advertisers and marketers who care enough to comprehend their audience, and use that insight and analytics to advance the parameters of new technology will find that the rewards are worth the effort. The future of internet advertising in South Africa is without a doubt as diverse as this country, its 11 official languages and its people from all walks of life. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau in South Africa, online advertising revenues grew almost R100 to R566 million, while keyword search engine optimization internet advertising revenues grew to upwards of R200 million to R865 million. With the size and importance of South Africa’s advertising market growing everyday, marketers and advertisers will have to continue to always find new and innovative means of engaging with the always growing audience.


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