Electricity Company of Ghana Suffers Public and Administration Critics

Electricity Company of Ghana – Ghana’s leading company responsible for providing reliable electricity services to its clients, largely the entire nation. Later last year, Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) made announcement concerning an increase in utility tariffs.

In late 2015, there was a 59.2% increment in electricity tariffs and an annual increment of 113.56% after which a new billing software was introduced by the Electricity Company of Ghana. This has led to a catastrophic rise in the monthly bills of customers of the ECG. Economically, some public clients have mentioned that their monthly electricity charge is now higher than their monthly rent which is making living very uncomfortable for them.

Earlier this year, in some parts of Ghana, ECG was unable to supply monthly bills as scheduled usually. The delayed bills resulted in a huge increase of complains made by the public since the accumulated figures were too much for the public to afford when the bills were finally circulated for clients. Some resident are being billed thrice their regular charge for using electricity each month which has led the public to suspect odds in their bills.

The cry of the public on the government to help curb the current challenges being faced with the billing system has made the government to instruct PURC to look into the complains made by the public. Following that, the PURC has ordered the ECG to halt the implementation of their new billing software.

According to Nana Yaa Jantuah (Director of Public Affairs and External Relations of the PURC), all errors of the ECG and the resulting effects of high utility charges are as due to the implementation of the new software.

Additionally, she mentioned that PURC has asked the ECG to do a re-billing which is expected to correct the billing system and provide new accurate and realistic bills for customers.

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