Ghana: SIC Insurance Company prepares for June-July Floods

SIC Insurance Company, is one of Ghana’s leading insurance company. The management of the company has announced that it is putting down strategic initiatives to reduce the frequency of disasters and damage that is prone to their customers during these period.

According to the management, SIC utilized about 80% of its resources in serving clients who had been affected by disasters during the heavy rainy season in Ghana (June-July). In June 2015, the southern sector of Ghana experienced uncounted number of flood incidents and a major disaster which resulted in the loss of lives and destruction of properties.

To reduce the intensity of property destruction during these period, which also affects the financial performance of the insurance company, SIC has launched an initiative which seeks to mitigate the level of destruction during floods.

Shopping centers and stores are being educated and advised by the insurance company to restrain from keeping expensive items in cases and shelves that are closer to the ground or situated closer to a major drain. SIC have also instructed some ware houses that are located at vulnerable sites –especially closer to a major drain or water body, to stack their items at high level.

Some clients, such as Japan Motors in Accra, have already heed to the advice of their insurance company. The automobile trade company have built a high metal stairs which allows them to exhibit their cars at a very high height instead of keeping the expensive products at the ground floor. Under most circumstances, cars are showcased at the ground floor which makes it very vulnerable during flooding.

As a nation, some major interventions such as road and drainage construction and demolition of slums situated in water ways have been made by the government to reduce the severity of risk and damages caused by the annual flooding.

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