Affordable Ethiopian Adventures you should not miss

Have you ever thought how cheap a dream trip to Ethiopia could be? Jovago, Africa’s leading online hotel booking company, got the inside scoop on super affordable bucket list destinations that won’t break the bank.

Start with the capital city discovering museums, royal palaces, traditional music, dances and off-the-dome poetry (azmri) particularly made for each guest from the renowned local vocalists. You can get all of this and enjoy the globally glamorized Ethiopian dishes with injera and stew in just under 10 dollars.

Ethiopia’s landscape and admirable weather conditions makes it quite unique and yet affordable destination. The four streams of the Blue Nile, Lake Tana and Langano creates magnificent wonder. This horn of Africa is the rare place on earth where a volcano becomes a fire seafloor bubbling to the top of the mountain. Although visiting this place should cost you a little more than a thousand dollars, there is a way to go around it sharing costs with fellow visitors bringing down the cost to just under 100 dollars.

The highest mountains in the country Simien and Bale Mountains are one of the finest places in the country, offering a lot more than just hiking for climbers with exceptional experience with the indigenous people and wild animals. Such a stunning highland exploration is possible in just 30 dollars. The adventure does not end there. The breathtaking Lalibela, Gondar castles and churches hewn from gigantic rocks of the 13th century can be seen in less than 10 dollars.

Aksum, the monolithic monument which dates back to 300-500 AD is the cheapest, offering the unforgettable exploration to the high-rise granite stones which rise as high as 82 feet. The obelisks resemble buildings with intricately carved cross-shaped windows and rows of long ends dividing each story. It also has a door although it does not lead to inside of the monuments. This obelisks are up for exploration in just under 10 dollars.

If you think the magnificent natural and cultural features paradise, Omo Valley is off limits due to budget, think again as you can see this place spending just under 10 dollars. From the nomadic pastoralists, one of its kind culture, to their public ceremonies, dances, traditionally designed leather clothing and dishes, the place certainly introduces you to exclusive culture giving big value to your foreign currency. Those little spent money will also allow you to see numerous endemic species of animals with secured up-close view.

Coming to Ethiopia and not being able to get the test of the organic coffee is considered a taboo unless you have entirely given up on the green bean which is the vital part of the society and the economy of the country. The coffee preparation has its own tradition and exclusivity allowing only women to do the honors of making coffee. It’s tradition to arrange small coffee cups upon a bed of wooden material called Rekebote while the roasting and boiling is done over a small charcoal stove finally served with kolo (roasted barley) and peanut, popcorn or traditional breads called Difo dabo and Ambasha and the best part of it is, it can be enjoyed with under two dollars even at the luxurious hotels.

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