BOSCH to Authorize A1 Diesel Limited in Ghana

A1 Diesel Limited, a Ghanaian based diesel diagnostics, repair and fuel system specialist with over 16 well trained engineers and equipment from Bosch and Cummins, is to receive authorization from BOSCH in Germany. The company A1 Diesel, have been providing Bosch services in Ghana and now authorized by the mother company.

The Ghanaian company, A1 Diesel, which performed well in business last year – having expanding their services into Burkina Faso and the United Kingdom, is anticipating to exhibit its products in Nigeria by the end of this year. The extension to Nigeria could fast-track business performance as trade was on the brighter side for the company last year.

Management of A1 Diesel disclosed that their clients and customers in Ghana will soon be provided with injectors and pumps from Bosch as the company gets authorization from Bosch in Germany.

Following authorization, the Ghanaian company will receive engineers from Bosch (Germany) to train staff and workers at A1 Diesel in Ghana. This training session is important to help the Ghanaian company to familiarize much better in Bosch designs, technology and innovations.

Additionally, there is an integrated opportunity for A1 diesel to have its workers to visit Bosch in Germany. According to A1 Diesel, the trip of its workers to Germany is to give them exposure and in depth skills in Bosch’s automotive injection systems.

In 2015, the company did speed up their production rate through the acquisition of about eight new equipment which increased the quality of their service provision and efficiency. The company is also specialized in change of injectors, pumps, and diagnostics of the Common Rail systems. They also have parts of manufacturers such as Caterpillar, Delphi, Denso, Siemens, Yanmar, Stanadyne, Zexel, and Diesel Kiki.

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