Dangote to Build a Second Production Plant in Ghana

Dangote cement is anticipating to increase their cement production rate in Ghana through the establishment of an additional production plant – its second plant in the country. The plant will be situated at Takoradi, within the Western Region of Ghana, where about 40 acres of land have been secured for the anticipated construction. This development of the company is necessary to serve the rising demand of their product within the country, as declared by Tor Nyard (MD, Dangote-Ghana).

The company, owned by Nigerian billionaire and Africa’s richest man, will invest about 100 million USD into the construction of the announced project. The new plant also represent an economic growth and employment opportunity for the people of Takoradi and Ghana.

One of the rising concerns of the announced 1.5 million tones production capacity plant, is the unstable and fluctuating exchange rate which is likely to affect the cost of importing raw materials needed for production. To strengthen and ensure the operational sustainability of the new plant, an appeal have been made to the Government of Ghana to quickly resolve electricity issues in the country.

Additionally, there is a potential threat which faces the cement companies in Ghana as there is currently a poor grade of cement which is imported into the country. According to the local cement practitioners, the import of poor grade cement into Ghana stands a chance of jeopardizing the performance of established cement firms in the country.

by Amponsem Joshua

Amponsem Joshua, is a young scientist and youth activist with interest in environment, renewable energy, economic development, and entrepreneurship. He is a blogger, lover of social media and technology.  He has over 4 years’ experience in blogging and two years’ experience in writing – listed as columnist in some reputable news platform in Ghana.

Joshua volunteers as a project leader for Africa at Youth Climate Report. He produce, direct and conduct climate interviews with responsible stakeholders in Africa. His research interest revolves around climate change, sustainable development and food security as he sees these subject areas to be one of the most critical to nature.
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