Shell and Visa introduce the latest payment innovation at fuel stations nationwide

First time that Contactless Cards can be used to pay for fuel on the forecourt

Quick, convenient way to pay for fuel

Contactless cardholders can now make payments for up to R200 at over 400 Shell fuel stations around the country, when using the latest innovation in payment solutions, a contactless enabled credit or debit card.  Customers making payments of above R200, will still be able to use the solution but will need to input their PIN number.

Customer’s choices, needs, demands and expectations have evolved from just refueling, to expecting convenient and safe shopping experience at a service station. In a growing and ever changing market, this means constant innovation, a deep understanding of customer needs and collaborating with strategic partners who share the same vision of delivering maximum value to customers.

“We are delighted to be one of the first petrochemical organisation in South Africa to provide a contactless payment solution on the forecourt for fuel purchases. This option is also accessible inside our Shell and Shell Stores. We believe that our customers will benefit from this quick and easy way of transacting,” mentioned Majola Sibanda, Payments and Loyalty Manager for Shell South Africa.

The introduction of contactless payment cards supports Shell’s vision of extending a payment range to  customers that offers choice and flexibility at Shell service stations.

“Visa contactless transactions have proven to be around three times faster and more convenient than paying with cash; the solution meets the same security standards as a traditional chip card and we’re confident that our South African consumers will embrace it,” said James Simpson, Country Manager for Visa South Africa.

The three easy steps to make a contactless payment at any Shell fuel station are:

– Inform the petrol attendant that you would like to pay with your Contactless card.

– The purchase amount will be entered into the terminal (in the Shop) – or automatically obtained from the pump (on the Forecourt) – and then displayed on the terminal

– When the “Present Card” screen appears on the terminal (together with the purchase amount), tap the card on the screen of the terminal, and the transaction will be processed – followed immediately by the receipt being printed. No signature or PIN is required if the purchase is R200 or below.

“Shell’s mission in South Africa is to innovate and provide customers with the highest quality fuels and the best experience when visiting Shell service stations. We strive to meet the high expectations and demands from our customers,” highlighted Yaasier Abrahams, Retail Marketing Manager for Shell South Africa.

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