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Equatorial Guinea Launches 2016 Oil and Gas Licensing Round

The bidding round, EG Ronda 2016, welcomes expressions of interest on 37 open licenses. The bidding period concludes November 30, 2016 read more

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Challenging Assumptions: A Note on Recent Coverage of Eritrea

Last week, Eritrea Profile featured an interview with Mary Harper, Africa Editor for BBC World News. Harper recently spent several weeks in Eritrea covering the country’s Independence Day celebrations, and her analyses, both within her interview with Eritrea Profile as well as in other outlets, have been balanced, impartial, thoughtful, and quite perceptive. Possessing years of journalistic experience, particularly across Africa, Harper’s coverage of Eritrea has been a reinvigorating breath of fresh air; she avoids the tired clichés, nauseating stereotypes, and longstanding assumptions and distortions to provide an accurate, contextualized, more reliable account of Eritrea. While her entire interview with Eritrea Profile is worthwhile and informative, several things stand out. read more

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(Ghana) World Environmental Day: EPA – Reject The ‘Clean Coal’ Myth

Today marks World Environment Day 2016. It is another reminder to humanity to safeguard the environment and protect and preserve the planet for future generations. read more

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ECOWAS Migrants Do Not Have Equal Access To Economic Opportunities

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The 85 000 spending power #FillUpFNB

In a journal article titled, Event Tourism Analysis and the State of the Art, it is noted that ‘’ the organisation of tourist events has a positive impact on a place or a region by generating economic profit based on the income from the sale of products and services of different activities connected to the event, by increasing the tourist turnover which improves the quality of restaurants and infrastructure’’.  Tourism represents the consumption economy located with the services sector of the economy, which is a growth sector. read more

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Mahindra Comviva and Airtel Tanzania awarded GTB Innovation Award for “Tap Tap” NFC Merchant Payments

Christophe Erny, Head of Africa operations at Mahindra Comviva receiving the award along with Aijaz Khan, Director Airtel Money, Airtel Tanzania read more

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Reach for Change promotes innovative thinking to solve problems for children on the Day of the African Child

In preparation for the Day of the African Child, Reach for Change Africa has launched an innovation contest that will empower one young African to solve a problem affecting children. read more

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