Block Making Machine Is Speeding Construction In Algeria

Block making machines is to use slag, fly ash, stone, sand, stone, water, and cement as raw materials; through scientific compounding, mixing, and high pressure produced by the machine, it produces a pressed out concrete block, hollow block, or colour pavement brick.

Block making machines has become of the leading machinery in the world of construction and infrastructure. Acquisition of block making machine seems to be a must for all construction companies – the former methods of making blocks seems to have faded so easily. The machineries used for concrete blocks have been rated as very efficient, time saving and reduces waste up to about 30%.

In infrastructure concentrated countries – such as UAE, Qatar, China, Japan, United States of America, United Kingdom, and other upcoming infrastructural countries in Africa – like Algeria, Ghana, and Nigeria, block making machine seems to be the order of the day. The machines requires less labour and enhances efficiency.

What about the cost? Is it easy for any construction firm to acquire a concrete block making machine? With about 500 USD, a small or medium sized company can acquire a movable, 30KN vibration force (electric), 380 volts, and 5.2 KW concrete brick/block making machine of about 1,500 capacity; Specifications may vary between brands and models. However, is that enough for larger construction companies focusing on multi-million dollar projects and mega structures? Of course, No.

With innovation and technology, Block making machines are advancing to meet demands of such construction tasks. With a price list ranging from thousand to tens of thousands (USD), there are larger block making machines on the market. In the past decade, manufacturers of the machine has increases tremendously with varying specifications in brands and models. There have being upgrade in the mobility of machines, vibration technology, quality of block output capacity, multi-tasking with one machine, thus producing multiple masonry and paving products with a single machine, off site and in-situ models, hollow and styled blocks, tough frame models, higher litre capacity and other spectacular features that gets you to decide which block making machine is right for your task. Acquiring these machines are great investment deals for companies and entrepreneurs in the construction sector.

In recent times, there are hundreds of manufacturers offering a high grade of machinery accompanied with efficiency and an increase in the sizes of block the machines produce.  What does this mean for Infrastructure Engineers and Building Construction firms? In the revolution of reduction in labour and increase in raw material efficiency, there are circumstances that low grade and even top class manufacturers could bring out products that do not execute the function of Concrete Block Making Machines – as testified by other users.

Companies like Rometa, manufacturer of concrete block making machine for Algeria, offers high grade and top class blocks and block making machineries.  Some of their machinery includes the automatic Rometa 2010 block machine which produces between 5,000 to 6,000 hollow blocks per 8 hours – and can also produce solid blocks, bricks, pavers, ceiling blocks, kerbstones, etc. This machines require 3 operators (1 machine supervisor, 1 assistant, 1 dryer truck) and 2 operators outside loading trucks and aggregates to hoppers. While the ‘Rometa 4050’ produces 3,000 blocks per hour and 15 blocks per cycle;  and for hollow blocks of 20 x 20 x 40: 3000 hollow blocks / hour with 100% efficiency. Rometa offers a splitting machine to work in line with the block making machine or isolated. The machine cut blocks up to 50 cm long and 25cm high with a 4kW motor.

Established in 1956, the Spanish company has block making plants operating in four continents and with over 25 years of operations in some continents. Rometa clients include Texsa, Villalba, Brienco, Fica Industria Ltd, and many more.

It is very difficult now to build or construct without a concrete mixer or block making machine. The machine mixes good quality concrete within a relatively shorter time frame. The machine mixes different type of concretes with varying mixing performance which gives the opportunity to select a suitable mixer for your project requirements. To iterate, they are highly efficient, saves labour and reduces shortcomings of the former pan mixer and manual block making tools; including slower mixing speed, more human labour, and low quality of concrete. More importantly in our century, these environmental friendly machineries are just the way to go.

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