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Angola: Illegal Wildlife Trade Higher Than Arms Smuggling

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Eritrea and Human Rights: Notes on the Commission of Inquiry

Dr. Fikrejesus Amahazion read more

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The threat of terrorism attacks on South Africa: A tourism outlook

The December 2015 tourist arrivals statistics released by Statistic South Africa revealed that the UK’s contribution on inbound international tourists is represented by 54 608 tourists, whilst the USA produced 28 691 tourists. These two countries, both in the West represent 35.5% of the total inbound tourism market to South Africa. African countries receive less than 10% of international tourism receipts, which is a drop in the ocean, because the majority of tourism happens between countries in the West, limiting the developmental ability and potential of tourism. This means that tourism from a developmental potential, benefits countries in the West, that need it the least, than developing countries. read more

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2ND Africa Women Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum (AWIEF)

Under the theme “Accelerating women’s economic empowerment in Africa’s best interest”, the 2nd edition of the premier Africa Women Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum (AWIEF) will once again gather, from across Africa and the globe, top women entrepreneurs and women in business, thought leaders, investors, SMEs, MSMEs, international development organizations, NGOs, foundations, government policy-makers, and the media. AWIEF is a platform to discuss the role of women in Africa’s economic growth, address the challenges faced by female business-owners, analyze those challenges and proffer innovative and sustainable solutions that effectively foster the empowerment of African women and unleash their full potential for successful business entrepreneurship. read more

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Mobile money could give Kenyan entrepreneurs a business boost

Much has been said and written about how person-to-person mobile money transactions are transforming Kenya’s economy, but the technology also has the potential to help entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level. read more

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ICT Revolution a Game Changer to Ethiopia’s Development

Although Information and Communication Technology (ICT) just paved its way in Ethiopia, it’s entwined with the business, the service sector, transport, logistics, and healthcare, housing, education as well as leisure time dominating the day to day activities. read more

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Kenyan journalist scoops African Growth Story Award at Sanlam Awards for Excellence in Financial Journalism

Margaret Dawes (Sanlam Emerging Markets), Allan Odhiambo (Business Daily) and Desmond Smith (Sanlam Chairman)_LR read more

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Uber, Online Transportation Network, Commence Operations in Ghana

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