Uber, Online Transportation Network, Commence Operations in Ghana

Uber, a firm that provide transportation services to drivers and passenger by connecting travelers/passengers to drivers through a mobile app, has commenced operations in Ghana’s capital – Accra.

The online transportation network company launched and announced their services in Ghana on June 8th in Accra and is currently offering free services in the Accra metropolis until Sunday, June 12th.  At the launch, the company mentioned that it will offer free services for the general public to allow them to test their services and as provide feedback and assist the company to provide needed services to the people of Ghana.

To access and benefit from the currently free Uber services, you only need to get the app by downloading from your store. The app has drivers information and provides users an opportunity to rate each driver by passing a comment on their profile after they service you. Once you have the app, you click a button to request a car, any of the drivers available for service can accept your car request. Once they do, you see their vehicle’s license number, the driver’s picture and his name. At this point, you can view the driver’s rating, and communicate with him (via the mobile application) on how you need his/her services.

A city with Uber has more economic opportunities for residents, fewer drunk drivers on the streets, and better access to transportation for those without it; Accra is now going to be one of the 467 cities that uses Uber.

At the launching on Wednesday, Alon Lits (General Manager for Uber in Sub-Saharan Africa) mentioned that Uber is gradually bringing the world closer by providing convenient and efficient transport services to global citizens in growing cities; the Uber platform is broadening an evolution in global transportation with their app by allowing users to access transport in their own preferred way and conditions.

According to him, Accra’s 2.3 million people represents a quick growing population with lot of migration and variation in culture. Safely, reliably and affordably, the people of Accra have a varied and unique platform to access transportation with convenience. They at Uber, are happy to add Accra to their global network because its people are willing to embrace innovation and technology.

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