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Small business: no single recipe for success

Brian Walsh, a leading authority on entrepreneurship and human behaviour, and founder of The REAL Entrepreneur™ Institute read more

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TESVOLT supplies Rwanda with the world’s largest off-grid battery system

Tesvolt battery storage container TLC 500 with 0,5 MWh capacity read more

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African banks are sleeping through the mobile revolution

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Ghana: Community Health Nurses Resumes Strike

In Ghana, about 13,000 Community Health Nurses (CHNs) provide health care services to communities at their door step. Termed as ‘Home Visit’, CHNs visit communities to provide child welfare and family planning health services to rural communities. It was not long ago when rumours outraged that CHNs are planning to go on strike due to inconveniency within their sector of which they demand changes and improvement of service conditions from the Ghana Health Service. read more

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Ghana: Bridging Health Gaps in Rural Areas Via Telemedicine

E-health is one of the globally efficient ways of providing health services, with the availability of internet, it is easier to communicate health solutions via smart phone applications and toll-free voice calls. However, the situation is not the same for Africa, smart phone and mobile technology is not solving the health problems in rural communities – purposely. The process which is largely referred to as ‘Telemedicine’, must be utilized to bridge the gap between health care and rural areas that lacks infrastructure. read more

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