Workers at Dangote in Ghana Goes on Demonstration

The multinational cement manufacturing company which recently announced construction of a new manufacturing site in Takoradi had its staff at the Tema yard going on a fierce demonstration requesting change of the current financial controller, Mr. Tunde. The main drive of the demonstration was on the basis that workers are not satisfied with their salary and other conditions of service.

According to the workers, logistics which are necessary for them to carry out their daily activities are not available at their disposal. Speaking with leaders of the drivers within the Dangote cement yard, he declared that he is the only employed staff among all the drivers at the yard. All other drivers are working for Dangote but not as staff and thus, they do not enjoy any benefit associated with being a staff of the company. At some points, drivers have to find their own means of getting money to fuel their vehicles to transport purchased cement to clients and pay for hotel bills during transport. Such costs needs to be reimbursed by management but it takes months for them to pay back such cost.

At the demonstration, were about 600 workers with most of them holding placards with the inscription ‘Tunde Must Go’, ‘Where is the STRUCTURE’, among many others. The workers stated that their condition of service is not well structured and the have already made it known to the auditor and financial controller of the company. Their salaries which ranges between 165 – 500 Ghana Cedis (40 USD – 130 USD) have seen no increment for the past five years.

According to some permanent staff of the company, there is no effective structure that enhance a proper condition of service y are denied of some allowances. The workers had earlier embarked on a hunger strike – with an expectation that management would have invite them for discussions on when to increase their salaries or developing a better working conditions for the workers.

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