Most Effective Advertising Platform for African Businesses

Undoubtedly, the average youth and working adult spend most of their leisure time surfing the internet. Entertainment, Business, Health, Lifestyle, Government and Politics, News, Movies and Music are all accessed via online platforms. Thus, most of our African youth, working adults and a smaller portion of the aged group have recommended online advertisement and e-marketing to be an upcoming best module for advertising. Working adults read current affairs and other news online, rather than sitting behind television or listening to radio.

It is of no surprise that internet market over the past 5 years have been a booming sector in Africa. Google Trade became the youth’s favourite market place in less than 6 months after it was launched in Africa. This has translated for smart entrepreneurs and business men to notice the power of online advertising via great platforms with global audience coverage such as leading local business platforms and multinational leading African business platforms such as Africa Business.

Advertising has been a backbone to the marketing industry worldwide. Over the years, television and Radio advertising has been the leading platform for publicising new industrial products and other services rendered by mega companies and multinational firms. In Asia, Europe and America, larger companies will advertise using mega billboards in cities.

Some of these billboards are so attractive such that you cannot take your eyes off. They are situated along major highways and city centres and communicates the beauty of the company being advertised. Additionally, there have been the introduction of giant screens for advertising. Instead of paying for airtime on television channels, they can openly play series of advertisement via the giant screen to the general public.

These mentioned platform – television, radio, signpost, posters, etc, have long been utilized by well stable companies and mostly larger firms but they are restricted when it comes to audience size. These platforms are expensive and partially patronized by small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Most SMEs are not so rich, it will be difficult for them to spend so much on advertising – although it could increase business for them. SMEs will stick to radio, posters and other print media and less expensive advertising modules. It works for them and they gradually upgrade to television advertising but what about the impact of the advert and the associated outcome.

Advertising is very important for start-ups and companies. Start-ups that deal with innovative products that can be exported for usage in other countries need to take advantage of publicizing their product to a large network of business minded individuals and firms. Local business news platform will be a great place to advertise your products or services for local customers. You should consider the platforms number of views and visitors before deciding where to advertise.

If you’re targeting export trade and international clients and customers, then you have to advertise with an international business platform. For Businesses of African Origin or within Africa, advertising with a Africa Business platform is a plus.

The website has great international statistics which boosts your chances of attracting international clients or customers. The advertising section of the platform has editors who are being contacted periodically by multi-national and foreign consultancy firms to receive advice on the performance of the adverts issued on the platform. This goes a long way to ensure trust of consultants and international investors. Additionally, they owe simple and nice domain names which they offer to compatible businesses.

“Online advertising is more exposed than television/radio advertising”, said a local business man in South Africa during an interview. Once you have a nice write up on about your business and its services, you can pay a few dollars to get it published on a good platform. Before you realize, it is all over the internet, other platforms has republished on their website as well”, he added.

All advertising are targeted toward promotion of products or service for a larger audience with the expectation of attracting clients or customers. With increasing number of media channels (television and radio) currently in Africa, media advertising is becoming cheaper than previously but its impact is also diluted and not much desired. Online advertising and e-marketing is soaring and currently a much effective way of publicizing goods and services.

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