African Sustainable Extractives Summit

African Sustainable Extractives Summit will lead conversation on Reducing operational risk through social and environmental performance in the extractives sector with topical issues on local content strategy, water risk management, human rights and labor issues, community investments, measuring and reporting of social investment, post COP 21 world and other topics around sustainability in the extractives sector.

The summit will bring together different stakeholders representing the government, sustainability departments, chambers of mines, oil and gas associations, ministries of energy and minerals, legal and regulatory affairs, environment and community relations, suppliers, fund managers and consultants.

Over 200 delegates from different African regions will be hosted including South Africa, Nigeria, Zambia, Angola, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique just to mention a few.

Spend two days with top sustainability leaders in the extractives industry as they address key challenges and share good practice experiences from
industry peers with flagship programs. You will go back to the field with tools and practical frameworks for improving your sustainable business
practices, managing risk, measuring your performance, and approaches to create and leverage partnerships.

Register now and be part of Africa’s leading Sustainable Business event with an exclusive focus on the extractives sector. For more information visit

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