South Sudan and Eritrea Signs Flight Agreement

A new development indicates that South Sudan airline, The Golden Wings, has commenced business to Eritrea. According to Geeskaafrika, the Republic of South Sudan and Eritrea had a meeting where an aviation agreement was signed on the 24th of June with the primary purpose of establishing an easy and direct flight services to and from the two countries.

The Civil Aviation of Eritrea has mentioned that South Sudan’s Golden Wings is already flying to and fro Asmara- Juba once every week.

Present at the business meeting was the Director of Aviation Safety and Operation in Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of South Sudan, Mr. Stephen Rombe and Mr. Paulos Kahsai, the Director General of the Eritrean Civil Aviation Authority.

They both represented their individual countries and signed that agreement which is envisioned to strengthen trade, transport and also enhance a stronger relation between the countries. Additionally, it will offer a relatively cheaper travel cost (flight) for visitors and business men who do business between the Eritrea and the Republic of South Sudan.

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