How GS1 Barcodes have revolutionized the Prison System

With the drastic increase in crime, the prison systems in South Africa as well as throughout the world been forced to expand in order to accommodate the rising number of inmates.   This has led to the increasing need to develop a system to regulate and control the prison environment.  It is critical that the prison environment be safe and secure for both the inmates as well as the prison staff.   It is also very important for the environment to be conducive to the rehabilitation of inmates into society as a whole.  GS1 registered Barcodes have revolutionized the prison system by providing a solution to this problem.  GS1 Barcodes enable Prison authorities to create healthy and safe environments in prisons where the inmates’ medical, emotional, physical and social needs are met.

A system of barcoded wristbands has been introduced to many prisons throughout the world.  This system works by issuing a barcoded wristband to each inmate.  This wristband consists of a Quick Response Barcode and a picture of the inmate.  A QR code is a two dimensional barcode that can store a vast amount of information.  Prison staff use these wristbands for several purposes.

To identify the inmate
◦        Name, hair colour, age, height, tattoos, piercings
– To quickly access medical data about the inmate such as medical conditions or medication
– To identify high risk and low inmates.
◦        It is very important to know which inmates are high risk or low risk since these inmates have to be kept separately.
◦        High Risk inmates are handled in a different manner to low risk inmates.
Dietary needs
◦        Gluten free, diabetic, no sugar, no wheat.
◦        This helps the prison to cater to each inmate’s dietary needs.
If they have served time in another prison
– Details of their offence.
– Pending court cases.
– Contact details of family and lawyers.

The wristbands also contain a photograph of the inmate and the businesses they have been apart of. This is to prevent the possibility of the inmates switching wristbands.  Using barcodes in prison systems have saved vast amounts of time and money and has led to a more secure and healthy prison environment.

Using this barcoded wristband system has allowed prison authorities to provide the best possible medical care to its inmates.  By scanning the wristband, the nurse and prison staff are all aware of any medical condition the inmate may have.    They will also be aware of the kind of medication that the inmates needs as well the correct dosage.   Barcodes prevent the wrong medication being given or the wrong dosage of the medication.  Many of the inmates need medical and mental care and by providing the necessary care the prison can promote their rehabilitation into society as a whole.   Serious consequences can arise if medical or mental conditions are left to fester.

All prisons should aim to rehabilitate their inmates into society as a whole.  Barcodes assist in this goal by improving the quality of life for all inmates and enabling the prison system to have all the information they need to ensure that every effort is made to enable the inmates to return to society and start making a contribution.

These wristbands can also be used to regulate the coming and going of visitors to the prison.  Each visitor can be given a wristband which contains a Quick Response Code.  This code will contain information such as the name and contact details of the visitor and the name and details of the inmate that they are visiting.  This will give the prison authorities more control over the whole visiting routine, thereby making it safer for the visitors, staff members as well as the inmates themselves.

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by Samantha Wood
Author, blogger and manager at Buy Barcodes SA

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