KBA Africa launches Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs in Harare, Zimbabwe

KBA Africa has established a unique Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Capacity Building Model that will result in entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe being empowered to play a key role in impacting and improving their communities through the creation of sustainable businesses. This innovative developmental model seeks to establish an effective Business Incubator as a tool for SME development and enhancement in Zimbabwe, which enables establishment of new enterprises, allows access to new markets, creates new jobs, and the development of innovative ideas and technologies.

KBA Africa is an African Business Incubation organisation specialising in accelerating the growth and increasing the success rate of start-up and early stage SMEs including Social Enterprises.

The SME sector is crucial to Africa’s growth, currently contributing more than 45% to employment and 33% to GDP (source: ADB). However, SME’s in Africa face growth, viability and sustainability challenges.

The KBA Africa Business Incubation Programme seeks to provide entrepreneurs with pro-active value-added support, and access to markets, access to critical tools, information, training, resources and capital that might otherwise be inaccessible or unknown.

Included in their repertoire are a number of innovative approaches, inter alia;

    – A targeted incubation selection algorithm and an advanced Trade Exchange Network (TradeX);

    – Access to sustained growth phase capital;

    – Access to a Pan-African Crowdfunding platform;

    – A unique SME Bootcamp approach incorporating Scenario Planning and Trend Mapping;

    – The deployment of a bespoke Supervisory Board for SMEs.

    Entrepreneurs can apply online on www.kbaafrica.com

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