This is the first film project on autism in Africa and it is about a boy born with autism in a rural area in the western part of Africa in the early eighties, where knowledge of this neurological disorder was null. This movie embodies the life challenges he has to face growing up and his growing obsession for computers after his encounter with them in the city. It is educative, whereas it teaches how to relate to and alienate the stigma that destroys the innate capabilities and aspirations of children with the disorder, and demonstrates how valuable these children could be to the society if given the care and opportunity they need to develop their potential.

This film walks us through the mind of the mentally disabled young man, it gives a clear picture of what goes on in his mind with respect to his emotions, hopes and aspirations. It also shows the influence the society have on people suffering from neurodevelopmental disorder and how it can affect them negatively or positively.


The story was written and developed by the Executive Producer Jimmy Eko-Acquah from Ghana and directed by Philippe Morel. The film’s narration will be translated into English, French and Swahili to help spread the awareness.


The film throws light on:

– Autism in the Village

– Autism and the Family

– Autism and the Person

– Autism and Recovery

– Autism and Africa

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Outlierthemovie/

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