Benin to enjoy a 100 Megawatts of ADDGAS-generated Power from Aggreko

Aggreko PLC, a leading global provider of mobile power and corresponding product solutions have been successful in acquiring a year contract to produce power by generating energy via ADDGAS which is to replace a good aspect of diesel fuel with natural gas. The project which is set to generate a 100 megawatts of power is targeted in adding to the grid of Benin and also meeting substantial power demand of the country. The 100 megawatts is scheduled to commence by December 2016 while running through the entire 2017.

Benin with its significant increasing power demand due to a swift growing industrial sector had to strategize in meeting the country’s demand. Société Béninoise d’Energie Electrique (SBEE), which is the country’s national power utility operator is committed to finding cost-effective solutions in providing electricity to residents by developing good transmission and distribution network while increasing energy production. Aggreko arrived a deal upon placing an offer which is reported to be the only offer that included an ADDGAS alterative in producing energy – making it a strong proposal for the country. The alternative availability of fuel types, is keen to the SBEE as this is projected to offer great savings and efficiency during the contract term of a year.

Aggreko, who will be responsible to deliver the project has a good track record in 2015 where the company served customers from over 100 countries while totaling revenues at an estimated 2.6 billion USD and also listed on London Stock Exchange. The company is identified to have a good relation with the SBEE which arose though an over decade support of Aggreko towards Benin’s national grid which was an interregnum solution that aided the country in meeting its power demand and boosting its industrial growth.

Managing Director, Aggreko Africa, James Shepherd, said:  “We are delighted to be working once again alongside SBEE to bring reliable power to the people of Benin. By delivering this fast-track power, we are helping to provide a more consistent and reliable energy supply to the people of Benin, while helping to support the economic growth in the country.”

Managing Director of SBEE also mentioned that Aggreko’s offer recognize the availability of gas and also permits production units to run with diesel only. According to the MD, this structure will help the country to meet a daily shortage from between 40 and 60 megawatts each day for over a year.

Having about 2.3 gigawatts of energy production units currently running in Africa, Aggreko’s total generating capacity will now increase to 2.4 gigawatts over thirty countries in the continent.

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