Nigerian Youth Entrepreneurs Using Tech To Re-Shape Business Operations

Recent reports from most consultancy firms and business development firms regarding the future of technology in Africa is providing a bright prospect for the continent. Frost and Sullivan recently not long ago expressed through several indications that Africa could be the new China – staging most technological advances. Across Africa, youth are using mobile devices to solve existing real time challenges that are affecting their communities and countries – Like Farmerline in Ghana, and Lagare in Morocco. In Nigeria, the situation seems more intense and advancing.

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As industries benefit from “smart tech skills” in diverse ways including faster and efficient operations, reduced labor cost, and increased traceability of activities. Youth entrepreneurs are even exploiting more with mobile technology and accessing whole lot of opportunities through mobile applications and tools available to them. Following studies by Sage in Nigeria, reports indicate that 96% say that they still feel the same excitement about their business as they did when they first started it, 44% say they will start over 5 businesses in their lifetime, 29% say that work comes before life, and 16% say that they get out of bed in the morning because they want to make a difference in the world and do some social good. With this statistics, it is very obvious that entrepreneurship is trending in Nigeria and technology will be the leading sector to attract upcoming entrepreneurs.

Magnus Nmonwu, Regional Director for Sage ( in West Africa recently added up to the voices shouting Africa as a great place for technological advancement. Sage recognizes the recent growth of mobile technology among youth in Africa – ranging from mobile application, Internet of Things, amidst others. It seems more comfortable for today’s kids and youth to use mobile devices for multi-tasking and solving real time problems in West-Africa.

Through Sage’s report from an activity of theirs termed “Walk With Me”, has confirmed that the behavioral expressions of young entrepreneurs in Africa , especially Nigeria, demonstrate the beginning of a paradigm shift in  how businesses operates as they are bringing more swift moves into the game.

36th GITEX Technology Week
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